Let it Snow at Mill House

Like most of the country, at Mill House Nursing Home in Chipping Campden, we have had our fair share of snow and it was like being in a winter wonderland with beautiful views from the windows, especially over the village green.

We did have to rethink a few of our trips out due to the weather but that did not deter us, as with the snow came lots of fun and we didn’t let it keep us indoors.

Our residents and team members were invited by Kim, our Home Manager to build a snowman (yes, she really did let us play in the snow!) and channelling the inner kids inside us, we eagerly donned gloves, hats and layers of warm clothing and braved the cold to get started.

Construction of our snowman started with lots of chatter as how to get the best shape and of course, we enjoyed a short break in the middle for a warming hot chocolate. Many hands make light work and after only an hour, we were able to stand back and proudly admire our hard work.

Later on that day our residents decided on a very apt and fitting name for him. Molly, decided to christen him Robin as he has a friend on his arm, a Robin and we warmly welcomed another new member into the fold of our Mill House family.

The story could have ended here had it not been for our wonderful RGN Nina who came up with a great idea.

Nina suggested that the residents who had not been able to make it outside and who had missed the fun, should also be able to enjoy the experience. Her idea was to build a small snowman and take it around our home, so everyone could experience the snow first hand and for those who wanted to, touch it.

We were astounded at the results; some of our residents said they had not touched snow for a couple of years. They loved the experience of putting their hands on the snowman and lots of snow time memories came flooding back. This brought a flurry of conversations of childhood fun in the snow and past Christmases. Even Chris, a member of our team couldn’t resist.

The huge smile as Mick, one of our residents, (pictured below) touched the snowman made the effort more than worthwhile. The 11th December may have been one of the coldest days of the year, but thanks to our residents, our team and especially Nina, the cold snow warmed many a heart.

At Mill House care home in Chipping Campden we deliver residential, nursing and dementia care for up to 45 elderly residents in a friendly and supportive environment.

If you would like to find out more about life at Mill House, what is happening at the home, events, or to arrange a visit, please contact us on tel:0808 223 5524 or email manager.millhouse@caringhomes.org.

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