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See My World brought to life through the stories and videos that show dementia care in action for our residents, their families and the wider community.

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Caring Homes Dementia Hub

An Introduction to My World

As a recognised leading national provider of dementia care with over 30 years experience behind us, our founding principle has always been at the heart of what we do – simply, every Caring Home must be exactly that, a caring home for each resident, where they feel completely free to live life to the full.

Joanne introduces My World, our dementia pathway built on four key foundations which ensure we deliver high-quality, consistent dementia care. Central to My World are our residents, their families and friends, and our teams.

At the same time, we see it as an ever-evolving pathway where new routes and initiatives are constantly emerging. We believe that raising awareness of dementia more widely is essential in reducing stigma and encouraging a supportive community through events and collaboration.

For our residents living with dementia, the ability to retain their independence and individuality within an environment that recognises their unique choices and preferences is central to our ethos. Alongside their person-centred dementia care our approach can, and does, improve our residents’ lives.

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My World - the Four Foundations of our Dementia Care

Unique to Caring Homes, My World is our holistic approach to our dementia care.

Our four foundations encompass every aspect of our people-focused ethos: the care and wellbeing of our residents, the way we train and develop our teams, the families we support, the innovative home environments we create for those who live with us and our commitment to sharing advice and guidance with the wider community.

Watch our videos and read our stories to bring My World to life.

The Story of My World

Helena Jeffery, Co-founder

“Dementia can feel like another world, and it can mean big changes to a person’s world as they know it. So many things define us as individuals, but dementia doesn’t have to. We see the person behind it and help create an environment where each resident feels free to live life to the full. That’s what our dedicated dementia care pathway, ‘My World’, is built around - getting to know our residents’ world and providing care that’s as individual as they are.

Every resident has a history and a story to tell and learning about their lives is a wonderful privilege. To be able to improve lives by supporting our residents and their families is one of the most rewarding aspects of giving dementia care.”

We have seven commitments that we live and breathe to ensure we deliver the best possible care for people living with dementia. It's our promise to you and your loved one.

Information and Guidance

From keeping up to date with the National Agenda and various topics, such as diagnosis and symptoms, to considering care options, we’re here to help guide you to valuable information, resources and support.

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