Scrabble and charities at Home of Compassion

Always have enjoyed a game of scrabble; normally get beaten but that is not the point.  At the Home of Compassion nursing home in Thames Ditton we have found we are not the only ones willing to flex our brains on the word front.

Keen to explore this avenue we have set up regular scrabble sessions which are now enjoyed by various staff and residents alike, and don’t be fooled by the smiling exterior of the mature folk here, they are brutal when it comes to winning!  In one game, a resident scored over 50 points on her last go to win by 26 points; so never let your guard down is the lesson learnt here.

There are games for those who like to score high and other games for those who want to get the most interesting and varied long words and never the twain will meet.

And we are reaching out to community groups who support the elderly in the outside world to join us in this endeavour to enrich the lives and brain power of those within our walls.  Breaking down the invisible barriers of our entrance and ensuring locals view us as part of the community, rather than a stand alone institution.   Perceptions of what a care home setting is like and the actual experience is a big preconception to dispel, but we are working on it and so far so good.  The level of luxury in the building and our surroundings that many outsiders who are invited in are keen to book themselves in for the night and a crafty weekend.

Part of our community contact also involves letting local charities utilise our facilities.  As an example, last week the Walsingham Trust, a charity which was born from the funds from the sale of the Home of Compassion to the Caring Homes organisation, held their trustee meeting in our private dining room.  This gives us good local awareness as many of the trustees have a wide ranging social life which in turn provides us with free word of mouth marketing – a win-win on both sides.

Another local institution is the annual McMillan coffee morning, which this year was held at our local church hall St Nicholas’s for a marathon of a coffee morning starting at 8 am and continuing until 3 pm. We at the Home of Compassion contacted all our Business to Business buddies to advertise the event and many new faces appeared during the day.  As we are a stone’s throw from the church grounds (and a majority of the congregation on a Sunday), many of the residents visited during the day to join in a cacophony of cakes and cuppas with our local buddies.  Many of the shops and businesses in the area joined in this merriment and a great day was had by all involved.

And last but certainly not least was the fact that funds were raised for a very deserving cause!


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