Ivy Court visit Notcutts Nursery

The residents at Ivy Court in Norwich, took a trip to Notcutts Nursery this week with members of the care team to look at the plants and flowers, to see what we could bring into our home and beautiful gardens.

Notcutts Nursery is also home to a number of animals and fish. The residents enjoyed watching the animals whilst others decided to look at teh array of tropical fish and Koi Carp.

All the residents and care team enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee in the lovely restaurant, Notcutts are famous for homemade scones, cakes and their freshly cooked food, we may return for a special lunch soon.

The residents then enjoyed looking around the shop, no-one bought anything but everyone took ideas away with them for what they would like to buy on their next visit to either decorate their rooms or the rest of the home.

Doing something different and changing our residents daily routine is a good way to stimulate the their minds, and also to do something fun and entertaining so as to make great lasting memories with them. Taking a trip out for a day is a great way to do this, going out somewhere with them can enhance the relationship shared between the residents and care team.

Outings out with our residents are great for alleviating stress as they look forward to the trip which in turn helps increase their mood, making them happier. Outings are great for increasing mental stimulation by introducing new surroundings and experiences, and the new smells, sounds and different foods we get to try all help our residents remember similar activities they have done in the past which helps with both emotional and mental health.

These in turn help us make new memories with our residents, providing us with more conversation and memories that can be shared with family and friends of our residents. These memories also help us form a bond with our residents which we can build on and if families join in with us it can help them continue to be a part of their loved ones life and new memories.

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