60 Years Together – And A Love Affair With The Isle Of Man

7th March 2024

Residents, friends and the team at Castle View Care Home on the Isle of Man got together to mark a very special occasion on 29th February 2024 – the 60th wedding anniversary of resident couple, Peter and Marylyn.

A Marriage Made on the Dance Floor

Imagine the scene: Derbyshire, 1960, a Christmas time dinner dance. Two young people at the same table – Peter, aged 21, just out of the army and Marylyn, sweet 16. When Peter asked Marylyn to dance, they discovered that neither of them was much good, so they decided to start taking dance lessons together. The rest is history. Peter and Marylyn married at Breadsall Church in Derbyshire on 29th February 1964.

Their life was successful, as well as full of love, and they ran businesses together in Derbyshire until retiring in 1980. After a few years, they decided to move somewhere completely different so they could make the most of their retirement and Peter remembered enjoying a visit to the Isle of Man back in 1955. The island appealed to Marylyn too and they relocated there in 1985.

By 2020, Marylyn needed to be in an environment where she could receive care and moved into Castle View. This was right at the height of the pandemic, which meant that Peter was unable to visit, other than talking to Marylyn through her bedroom window. After a short time, Peter decided to move into Castle View so he could be with his wife.

Celebrating a Very Special Day

Their 60th anniversary morning (or 15 leap years!) was bright and sunny – the perfect start to a special day, as the Castle View team began decorating the dining room with balloons, mounting a spectacular cake onto its stand, and adorning Peter and Marylyn’s doors with an anniversary sash alongside a photo of their wedding day.

There was a humorous moment leading up to the event when the team mentioned buying Marylyn a bouquet of flowers. Peter said not to worry as they both suffer from hay fever! However, he offered up a vase of artificial flowers from Marylyn’s room which she had arranged herself about 10 years ago. They were used as the centrepiece – a beautiful display which was also special to the couple.

Cannon Kelly arrived in the morning to give the couple a blessing and friends, residents and staff popped in to wish them the best. Peter was given a card, filled with lovely messages which were read to Marylyn, then tea and scones were served. As residents gathered in the lounge, they took great interest in a newspaper cutting from the Derby Telegraph, dated 29th February 1964, which featured a picture of the newlyweds on the front page! Several pictures of the bride and groom were arranged on the table where the stunning strawberry, cream and meringue cake was proudly displayed – before being shared out and thoroughly enjoyed. It tasted as good as it looked!

A Toast to 60 Years

A bottle of ‘nozeco’ was cracked open and everyone had a little glass to toast Peter and Marylyn’s landmark year. Home Manager, Sam, presented Peter with a bottle of his favourite port, then Peter presented chocolates to all the heads of department, to be shared out with their teams – a very thoughtful gesture that was much appreciated.

Peter thanked everyone for arranging such a wonderful tribute. It was a significant day for Marylyn – the first time that she had been out of her room in a long, long time, other than to hospital, and she was also trying out a specialist chair which will make it easier for her to join in activities. After the celebration, Marylyn actually went to the dining room for her lunch before being settled back into bed. When asked whether she’d had a nice day, she answered, “Yes” – a response which made everybody’s day.

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Peter and Marylyn with Caring Team
A Feast for the Eyes
A Celebration Cake for Peter and Marylyn
Local Vicar with Peter and Marylyn
Chocolates for Peter

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