A Partnership Full Of Potential As Caring Homes Joins Hospitality And Universities United (HUU)

6th March 2024

We are delighted to announce that the Caring Homes Group has joined Hospitality and Universities United (HUU), with our Group Hospitality Manager, Ben Frizell, selected to become one of the organisation’s specialist ambassadors.

Changing the Perception of Working in Hospitality in The Care Sector

As we mark National Careers Week, Catherine Martin, Head of Talent & Development, feels that this is an opportunity to change the perception of working in hospitality within the care sector:

“Generally speaking, preconceptions about working in the care industry mean that it’s rarely on the radar when compared with the relative credibility and desirability of hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs around the UK. Anyone seeking a future in hospitality has a huge range of options to choose from, and the lack of mainstream information about hospitality within the care sector makes it far less visible as a career option. Working with HUU to bring the positives to light and show that we offer both variety and defined career paths, will really help.”

Ben was invited to attend the recent HUU Conference at the University of Sunderland’s London campus. He took the opportunity to speak to delegates and shared some valuable insight into working at Caring Homes:

Our Residents Come First and It’s a Real Community

“Everything we do is completely resident led, and this includes all elements of hospitality within our homes. Residents’ feedback drives what we produce and how it’s delivered, which is satisfying for both parties, and unique. And if you thought creativity would be low on the list of priorities, you’d be wrong! There are endless opportunities to introduce new ideas, and in fact that’s part of the challenge – never to slip into a rut, always exploring new ways to surprise and delight our resident customers.”

For our residents, the sense of belonging is as important as the level of luxury, and we feel the same about our teams. You’d be joining a real community, and the working day is tailored to the residents’ hours, so you won’t be burning the midnight oil. Work/life balance is a huge bonus and if you’d also like to be part of a team with a tangible purpose - which makes what you do even more fulfilling – you’ll get a lot out of working with us.”

A Chef’s Perspective – Fulfilment and Creativity at Caring Homes

Sous Chef, Graham Hogg, works for Caring Homes at The Manor in Edinburgh. His journey from the corporate world to a fulfilling role in the care industry is a great example of how this can work well.

For anyone joining Caring Homes, Ben added, there are several options which have a clearly defined route for progress and development programme mapped out. There’s also the chance to choose a career path outside hospitality within the company framework and we’re always on the lookout for talent in every area of our business. Interestingly, he also mentioned the increasingly high calibre of staff joining Caring Homes from elsewhere in the hospitality industry, drawn by the positive working environment and the opportunity to use their skills and experience in a new way.

Discover More About Caring Homes

Our mission at Caring Homes is simple: to make each home the best possible place to live and work for our residents and our teams. This year, we’re celebrating 30 years as an industry leader in delivering clinical care and alongside this, our focus on delivering outstanding hospitality and service is stronger than ever before.

To find out more about your new career – or a change of direction – at Caring Homes, take a look at our current vacancies listed on our careers website.

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