The Benefits Of Care Homes With Gardens & Outdoor Spaces

11th April 2024

It’s common knowledge that regularly spending time outside in the fresh air does wonders for our health. So why should that be any different for individuals living in care homes?

When considering different care homes for your loved one, or even for yourself, it’s important to ask the right questions. We believe that finding a care home with a garden or other kind of outdoor space should be at the top of your list. But what are the real benefits of care homes with gardens and outdoor spaces over any other kind of care home? In this blog, we’ll break down the advantages of having a regular outdoor space to explore while living in a care home.

Mental Health Benefits

It’s no secret that getting outside does wonders for our mental health. Exposing ourselves to sunshine in particular has a huge benefit for our minds – a recent study found that adults with lower levels of vitamin D (given from exposure to sunlight) display more depressive symptoms. Care homes with gardens give elderly residents an opportunity to catch the sun when it shines and soak up those rays.

Having an outside space that residents are free to wander around or even sit in also allows for a sense of freedom and personal autonomy. At Caring Homes, this is something that we are always trying to encourage.


There are usually plenty of places to socialise in care homes, and we believe outside spaces should be one of them.

At many of our care homes across the UK, there are spaces within the grounds where residents can take part in gardening activities, whether solo or as a team. Gardening is a great way to get chatting while doing something physically stimulating, and to foster the sense of community that we love.

Sensory Stimulation

As many of us found during the lockdowns of 2020 and beyond, staring at the same four walls quickly has a detrimental effect on our well-being. In care homes with gardens, residents are not confined to their rooms or the communal areas inside the home, but have beautiful spaces to look at and explore.

Care homes with gardens and gardening as an activity can be especially helpful for those living with dementia. The scents and colours of beautiful gardens are a fantastic addition to dementia care homes, helping residents to feel calm and perhaps help with reminiscence.

Some of our care homes have encouraged this connection with nature even further, with direct access to gardens from residents’ areas. For instance, the Woodlands Suite at Whittington House provides residents with their own outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air, and at Tarring Manor, we have rooms available with private patios looking directly out onto the garden areas.

Physical Activity

Whatever your age, the more we can get out and about and get our bodies moving, the better. Going for regular walks can help those in care homes keep their strength up and their fitness.

We aim to encourage your loved one to continue doing what brings them joy during their stay at one of our homes. If gardening is something that they have previously enjoyed, we will assist them to continue with this, utilising the garden spaces available. Not only is this beneficial for mental health, but this physical activity is fantastic for retaining fine motor skills.

At Caring Homes, we run a network of high-quality care, nursing and dementia care homes with wonderful facilities to suit every kind of resident. Each of our wonderful care homes have beautiful landscaped gardens with space for residents to explore and feel at peace.

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