How Music Makes All The Difference At Caring Homes

6th December 2023

Music is a universal language. It soothes the soul, evokes strong memories, and connects us in a way that words often can’t. We’re no strangers to a bit of musical entertainment here at Caring Homes and often find it to be one of the best care home activities for bringing everyone together. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some of that joy and offer a little preview of the activities you can find at our care homes in the UK.

The Benefits Of Musical Entertainment In Our Care Homes

Incorporating musical activities into our care homes has had a wide range of benefits. It has a brilliant capacity to elevate our spirits and provides an engaging care home entertainment for staff and residents alike. After all, music brings people together. When the right tune comes on, this encourages interaction and helps our residents build and strengthen their bonds with one another.

For many of our residents, music can also be a portal to a time gone by. Music has a profound ability to trigger memories, often evoking vivid recollections of cherished memories and moments. In this sense, the joy of music offers a great way for all of us to remain connected with who we are.

Helping People With Dementia

For individuals living with dementia, musical care home activities take on an extra significance. Scientific studies have found that listening to music can provide great stimulation for the brain, not only producing a strong, positive emotional response but also reducing anxiety and stress. What’s more, it’s been found that music can inspire reminiscence, communication, and improved cognitive skills for those with dementia. Music facilitates non-verbal expression and can often bridge the communication gap where words might fail.

Musical Milestones At Caring Homes

We do love to celebrate a special occasion or two here at Caring Homes. Pair that with our love for music and it should be no surprise that you’ll often hear the sound of singing, instruments, and other musical nursing home activities across all our care homes! As well as putting on favourite recordings and hosting the occasional silent disco, we regularly set up live performances for our residents to enjoy. Let’s take a look back at some of the more memorable care home entertainments of recent years.

Musical Fun At Homefield Grange Care Home In Dorset

Located in Christchurch, Dorset, our Homefield Grange Care Home has witnessed many sessions of musical joy. One such occasion saw Nicole, a local opera singer, treat the residents to a range of musical classics, all from the comfort of the Dorset care home’s lounge. In a somewhat different vein, Burns Night was celebrated back in January with some traditional bagpipe music!

A Month Of Music At Mellish House’s Suffolk Care Home

Not ones to be outdone, the residents of our Suffolk care home, Mellish House, celebrated a whole month of musical care home activities in February this year. The various entertainments included singing, instruments, and even a bit of dancing. At Christmas, residents were also treated to performances from local school students and The Christopher singers who got residents involved with some festive Christmas carols.

Musical Entertainment At Laverstock Care Home In Wiltshire

Our Wiltshire care home, Laverstock Care Centre, is frequently entertained by performers playing music from a wide range of genres. One of the residents’ favourite performers is Curly, a singer and guitarist who regularly graces the crowds with classics from the 1940s through to the 1960s. His songs are always sure to get everyone at our Wiltshire care home clapping along!

If you would like to hear more about the care and nursing home activities going on at Caring Homes, you can find all our news and events by browsing our website’s news article section. To find your nearest care home and arrange a visit, take a look at our Find a Home tool on our homepage. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to learn more!

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