Fun-filled month of activities for the residents at Mellish House

28th February 2023

Mellish House Care Home residents have had a fun-filled month participating in a variety of activities. The month started with a lovely Church service with Jenny, who brought in musical instruments for residents to use while singing hymns. This has encouraged even the quieter singers to participate, and residents have been thoroughly enjoying the singing.

Residents were also up and dancing at the wonderful dance with our live entertainers. They had a great time and were on their feet dancing throughout the event. Residents enjoyed a delicious Cheese and Wine themed food trolley. The snacks were a hit, and surprisingly, the gherkins were a favourite among the residents.

In addition to these activities, residents have been enjoying watching their guinea pigs, who run around, eat and chatter away. They also enjoy spending time at the Digital Rainbow table, with the new favourite game being Candy Crush. Residents have been learning all about the game, its bright colours, and fun sound effects. Marlene also helped plant some bulbs in a lovely wheelbarrow planter that was donated to us by a relative whose husband passed away a year ago.

These activities have had numerous benefits for our residents. Singing and dancing help keep them active and engaged, promoting their physical and mental health. Socialising with each other while watching the guinea pigs or playing games together helps to foster a sense of community and belonging. Participating in these activities helps our residents to maintain their hobbies and interests even when living in a care home. At Mellish House, we believe that keeping our residents active and engaged in their passions is an essential part of promoting their well-being.

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