What Activities Are Enjoyed At Caring Homes?

12th September 2023

We love nothing more than enriching the lives of all our residents here at Caring Homes. Whether it’s a day out to the local gardens, a creative session of arts and crafts, or trying a new dance lesson, a diverse range of activities can do wonders for our resident’s wellbeing. While we get up to far more care home activities than we could ever fit into just one article, we’ve rounded up a few of the great events we’ve recently been enjoying!

Embracing Nature

Nature has a soothing effect on the human spirit, and we encourage our residents to get out into the great outdoors as often as the weather allows! Residents of our care and nursing homes enjoy visits to nearby parks and gardens where they can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. These outings not only provide a change of scenery but also offer a chance to enjoy fresh air, engage in gentle walks, and socialise with fellow residents.

Our residents at Hawkhill House Care Home in Aberdeen were recently able to visit Duthie park and its captivating winter gardens. There they took in some of the stunning tropical plants and flowers these gardens are famous for. A little further south, meanwhile, our Horsell Lodge Care Home residents went to explore Wisley gardens in Surrey. Friends and family were able to join them too, ensuring a pleasurable day out for everyone.

Culinary Adventures

Not all nursing home activities require stepping outside, of course. The joy of creating delicious treats is universal and we love a little culinary exploration at all our care homes. Baking and cooking sessions are always a popular favourite! These allow residents to exercise their creativity whilst also enjoying the pleasures of a homemade meal. Whether it’s baking a range of desserts, trying out a new recipe, or preparing a traditional dinner.

At Hawkhill House in Aberdeen, we’ve recently been running a delightful new activity that has earned the title ‘Come Dine With Me’. This initiative has seen residents of Caring Homes take charge of their dining experience which included designing a menu and inviting company to share in their selection.

Likewise, at Horsell Lodge Care Home in Surrey, the bake club brought residents together to put their skills to the test. Donning their aprons, the club meets at least once a week to create an array of sweet treats!

Marking Special Occasions and Events

Life is full of moments worth celebrating and our care homes embrace every opportunity to do so. From the vibrant festivities of Easter and Christmas to commemorating the king’s coronation, residents are immersed in an atmosphere of camaraderie and joy. These are great activities for nursing home residents and dementia patients, keeping everyone connected with the broader community and infusing a sense of belonging.

St Patrick’s Day is just one such occasion that always manages to generate a sense of excitement. At Mellish House Care Home in Sudbury, our residents enjoyed a lively party this year, complete with Guinness and fancy dress. At The Orchard Nursing Home in St Albans, residents came together for some traditional Irish music and decoration making.

Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries

Acknowledging personal milestones is integral to maintaining a sense of identity and value. Birthdays and anniversaries are cherished occasions that provide a welcome cause for activities with our nursing home residents. And what better way to celebrate than a heartwarming party that ensures every resident feels cherished and loved? These events not only create memories but also strengthen the bonds between residents, staff, and families.

At Broadbridge Park Care Home in Horsham, West Sussex, we were recently able to celebrate Theresa's 102nd birthday in true style. Over at Parris Lawn Care Home in Lewes, East Sussex, we were thrilled to be there for one of our couple’s 61st wedding anniversary! These events are just a small example of what we do at Caring Homes.

Unlocking Creativity

Creative expression knows no age limits, so our care and nursing homes fully encourage residents to explore their artistic sides. Arts and crafts sessions are one of our most popular types of entertainment. These allow residents to unleash their creativity and produce beautiful works of art.

We hosted an event for creative writing at Blenheim Court Care Home which our local residents loved! These types of sessions offer a medium for self-expression, capturing life stories and experiences. Back at The Orchard in Hertfordshire, our monthly knitting club provides a space for residents to create warm and cosy items while holding meaningful conversations.

Care Home Activities at Caring Homes

At Caring Homes, we understand the unique needs of all our residents and how they wish to live their daily lives. Our homes offer tailored care and events and activities that cater for all levels of physical and cognitive ability. These activities for nursing home residents also aim to boost resident’s emotional wellbeing. Not only is this great for stimulating memory, encouraging engagement and socialisation, but it also provides a sense of comfort to all involved.

If you would like to learn more about the events and activities going on Caring Homes, you can find plenty more news and events by browsing our website’s news article section. To find your nearest care home and arrange a visit, take a look at our Find a Home tool on our homepage. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to learn more!

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