Earlham Infant School visit Ivy Court for Easter

This week West Earlham Infant School visited Ivy Court again to get involved in some Easter festivities with our resident.

The children came to learn about the Archie project. The Archie Project is an inter generational dementia awareness project and it links schools, care homes and people with dementia together within the community.

Mark from The Alzheimer’s Society came in to talk to the children about the project. The Archie project is trying to teach children about dementia early on from the reception years, the idea is they will learn about dementia and once they’ve got these basic facts of dementia they begin to learn about their emotions and feelings, and how other people might feel. The project is trying to reduce the stigma and fear that might be associated with people with dementia.

Once Mark had finished the children got involved in lots of arts and crafts with our residents for Easter, including making chocolate nests and planting seeds in the garden. The residents each got to choose an activity they wanted to do with the the children.

They all really enjoyed seeing the children again, and the children equally loved coming back to see our residents. The residents really benefit from the time they get to spend with the children, it really lifts moods and gives them a purpose when helping with these activities.

After the activities the children sung for us all with most of the residents joining in and singing along too.

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