Boomwhackers Sound at Mill House

For the first time, Mill House residents in Chipping Campden experienced a ‘Boomwhackers’ session with Ibby, one of our regular activity providers on Thursday 15th September.

The activity session took place in the morning at 11 am and we had a great turn out. In fact there was so much interest in this session that the room was full of residents buzzing with excitement as to the activity ahead. Ibby is a very welcome visitor as she comes to our home on a weekly basis and offers our residents different kinds of workshops each time.

Boomwhackers are hollow, light and colourful plastic pre-tuned percussion tubes which were first manufactured in 1995. Each colour has a different length and pitch, and, when struck on the palm, table, floor or against each other, Boomwhackers produce a pleasing, mellow tone. These sessions can be a slow or fast moving activity dependant on attendee needs which is perfect for us here at Mill House and allows everyone to get involved. Judging from the big smiles and the great experience had by all, it kept everyone excited and entertained.

Boomwhackers are not only fun, but these sessions offer physical exercise for our residents that increase their heart rate. No time is wasted as the Boomwhackers are distributed to every participant, providing a lot of fun, stimulation and socialisation for our residents, especially for those with dementia.

With Ibby’s guidance, the Boomwhackers enabled our residents to become an amazing rhythm orchestra! We can’t wait for the next session.

If you would like to find out more about our home events, life at Mill House, and our personalised nursing and dementia care, please contact us on 0808 223 5524 or email Kim Mulford.

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