Wild Science Visit Kippington

Kippington Care home received an unusual visit from a number of members of the animal kingdom this week!

A number of pet carriers and cages were brought into the central TV lounge area and arranged upon a table, to the curiosity of the residents.

A young female keeper from Wild Science Animal Therapy announced she would produce the most unusual and commented upon animal ‘out of the way’ first, as she produced a snake!

The snake was, of course, a non-dangerous species and very tame, but still quite large at about two feet in length, and caused some doubt among the residents, but no one was too terrified or perturbed, thankfully. Several were even brave enough to touch or even hold the creature. The keeper said that people are often surprised at the smooth and silky feel to a snake’s skin instead of the slimy feel that they usually expect!

Other animals introduced to the residents a lizard, several rodents of various sizes (including the ever-popular hamster and guinea pig), and a rabbit. They were permitted to touch or handle all of the creatures, or just look at them, whatever they felt most comfortable doing. As they held, touched or looked at the creatures, the residents asked questions such as where the animals were from, what their home environment and eating habits were, and what they were called. The keeper was very knowledgeable, and told us that she personally kept all of the animals herself, having over 30 at her home!

Most of the residents loved the animals, and seeing them appeared to give them all an emotional uplift, as well as being a talking point for the day.

Kippington has at least one entertainer or informative speaker a month, and this was the second visit by Wild Science, to bring a bit of variety to the entertainment schedule. Thank you, we really enjoyed it!

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