Poems by Dorothy at Coppice Lea

A resident at Coppice Lea in Merstham loves nothing more than to write a poem.

Dorothy was born in September 1916 in Monkeaton near Whitby, Newcastle  on Tyne, and later moved to Derbyshire with her family 1920. She has traveled a lot in her lifetime as she married her husband John and moved to Devonshire and later to Malawi for a number of years before returning to Teigmouth. She is an extremely artistic lady and her travels and experiences are expressed through her talent of painting, embroidery and also poetry.

Here are a couple of her poems:

A black and white cat came over my wall
Sliding down in a near free fall
Landed lightly and soft as a feather
Carefully avoiding the prickly heather;
He sniffed the air, gazed around before
Commencing to make the inspection tour
Under the fuchsias, still in flower
Delicately around the golden shower
Weaving and threading as he went by
Nothing escaped the all seeing eye:
Now coming on to the dug up patch
Considered, and after a careful scratch
Made with no loss of dignity
His gift to the year’s fertility.
Proudly, clearly of godly descent
He retraced his steps and away he went
Young, elastic, shining and slim,
A bit of my heart went away with him.


Published in Arrival Press Poets. WINTER VERSE. P-45. Ed Rachel Walton. ARRIVAL PRESS. 1992.

Soft clear cold blue the sky and grey the sea,
Wi’ntry and pale the sun, the estuary
Alive with strange and plaintive cries
Of wheeling gulls; low over the water flies
The cormorant – long neck outstretched and slim
Hungry and searching, with leap and dive now going now gone
Silent in the grey cool depths he searches on.

The little waves pluck at the beach
Their frothy fingers try to reach
Each further pebble shell or spar
Ceaseless, untiring and there are
Peculiar things in the little pools
Strange tiny fish with eyes of ghouls
And shrimps and sea anemone
Patterned most exquisitely.

The cool touch of wind is in my hair
The air is fresh and salty light and free.
And I a part of sun and wind and sea.


How welcome today
Came the first hint of spring,
The message came over
My wall on the wing,
Hopping and sprightly
A trim little fellow
Delightfully dressed
In blue, black and yellow,
Then, flitting , fussing
And all indecision
Soft on the scene
Came a smaller edition.
They flitted about
In the green of the trees,
She tempting – but shy
He so eager to please
Joyfully, carelessly,
Willingly taking
The delicate pathway
Old Nature was making
Carrying on with their
Weaving and dipping
All unaware of
The cup they were sipping.
Soon bright colours mingled
They sped on their way
But my garden and I
Enjoyed them all day.

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