Marchglens Carolyn has a walking on air experience

It was a long held ambition for Carolyn a resident at the Marchglen Care Centre, in Alloa, to go up in a hot air balloon. Various options for this activity were investigated but it was impossible to be done safely as Carolyn could not jump down from a height of twelve inches without serious risk of injuring her weak ankle.

After getting over her disappointment other options for flying were investigated and the charity Walking On Air said they would be able to get Carolyn up for a glider experience.

Working closely with the charity we were able to mitigate the risks of getting in and out of the glider without needing a hoist which would have been unsuitable and inappropriate for Carolyn.

Carolyn was very keen to, in her own words, “Go up in the sky”, but also repeated that she was very nervous about going up.

The skill of the staff team in Aberfoyle was in balancing Carloyn’s expectations and emotions about going on the flight while helping her plan and look forward to the event.  The time scale was important as too much of a build-up would have created anxiety and too little would have spoiled the experience.

On the day Carolyn was calm and reassured that being nervous was perfectly normal and the staff at Portmoak gliding centre were brilliant. Carolyn said she wanted to do it to make her mum proud because she has a fear of heights. In the end Carolyn had a wonderful day with an experience she will never forget, she talked positively about it and was delighted in telling her mum all about it.

Carolyn said, “It was brilliant, but I am never doing that again!”

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