Kippington take a trip ‘Down Memory Lane’

The residents at Kippington in Sevenoaks, were treated to a new group session by Activity Organiser Linda Crees.

Linda has started a new reminiscence group session particularly directed towards residents that have low to mid-term dementia. This group session, dubbed ‘Down Memory Lane’, is currently in the experimental stage, but if successful it is hoped to incorporate the transformation of the currently underused First Floor lounge into a dedicated reminiscence area.

The lounge gives dementia residents the chance to relax in a quiet environment without disturbing or being disturbed by more independent residents. It already contains a Piano which is useful for its reminiscence properties since many would have had a piano in their homes. Linda also hopes to introduce other household display and reminiscence items, with an eye towards re-creating within small areas of the room scenes suggestive of the types of rooms that will be familiar to the group users: lounge, kitchen, etc.

The inaugural group were provided with music played from a 20th century vinyl record player whilst they sorted out Christmas decorations and engaged in conversation, with ‘afternoon tea’ at 3pm, which incorporated tea served in a traditional way – poured from a pot and with a tea strainer – and bakewell tarts served from a traditional cake stand.

The session appears to have proved particularly beneficial to a few residents, who find themselves given the time they need to communicate in a more social environment, alongside those sharing a similar condition in which they do not feel out of place.

Kippington provides residential and nursing care in a beautiful converted Victorian building for up to 51 elderly people.

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