Ivy Court visit Cromer for the day

Today Ivy Court in Norwich took a trip on our mini bus to Cromer for the day.

Cromer is a classic North Norfolk seaside town overlooking a lovely beach, we all thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air of the sea as we watched the waves crashing on the beach. Before heading down to the beach we sat down for a picnic which was provided by our head chef, which all the residents loved.

Luckily there is a ramp which we could take down to the beach where we all tried to catch some Cromer Crabs in the pools left by the retreating tide; Cromer Crabs are world famous for their quality and taste, but unfortunately all we caught to take back to Ivy Court were a few stones.

Before heading home we walked around the town centre, where there are some lovely streets and lanes with old style shops, and picked up some postcards to put on our trip boards around the home, these provide a prompt for us to discuss our trips months after they have happened.

We all visited the RNLI Henry Blogg LIfeboat museum where we learnt all about Henry Blogg, RNLIs most decorated lifeboatman, and his exploits. The boats were very interesting as were the interactive displays that taught us all about them. We also got to enjoy some tea and cake before we left.

We look forward to visiting again with the hope of catching some crabs and maybe an ice cream or two.

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