Christmas Puddings at Galsworthy House

Residents at Galsworthy House, Kingston upon Thames have been busy making Christmas puddings in preparation for the festive season and their Christmas Day Lunch.

Christmas (or Plum) pudding is the traditional end to the British Christmas dinner so making a pudding is an important part for our residents in the lead up to Christmas. Many used to have their own recipe for Christmas pudding, some even handed down through their families for generations so when Sue Ottaway, our Activities Coordinator suggested our residents and relatives coming together and making a Christmas pudding for each floor that will be served on Christmas Day, it captured everyone’s attention and they all approached this activity with great gusto. They got into the festive spirit, donned their aprons, wooden spoons at the ready and mixed up a storm using traditional ingredients such as candied peel, spices, raisins, treacle and of course a little brandy.

We know how much our residents enjoy eating a delicious home baked cake, especially served with a lovely cup of tea, but we are also aware how much they like to create their own cakes too and the benefits of this activity.

Jane Starr, Home Manager at Galsworthy House said,
“We always take the time to celebrate special days here at Galsworthy House and we like to ensure all residents feel at home by keeping to any traditions they may have had in the past. We are strong believers in the therapeutic benefits of baking as it is not just about creating tasty and mouth-watering cakes, it’s about relaxing, unwinding and all coming together in a group activity. Baking can be an effective form of therapy that can help to aid relaxation and reduce stress and has also been proven to help prevent and manage depression, and help to calm people suffering from dementia.”

Studies have also shown a link between creative expression and wellbeing. Because baking and decorating cakes allows you to express yourself, it’s a fantastic activity for Galsworthy House residents as it allows them to reduce any stress, improve their moods and calm them so making this a wonderful activity.

Christmas pudding is a firm favourite with Galsworthy House residents and we are all very excited to eat the results of our efforts. Now we just have to wait, then we will have our cake and eat it!

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