Betty’s Knitted Blanket at Gildawood Court

One of Gildawood Court’s residents Betty Clarke started knitting squares when she came to our Day Care Centre back in February 2016, as it was an activity she got great pleasure from as she really enjoyed knitting.

She would knit just squares of all different sizes and colours when she came for the day. She had completed quite a few, approximately forty six by June 2016, so we were inspired on how we could create something from these. When she had done a good few more, Marie Allen, our Activities Coordinator began to sew them them together with Betty helping her to design the block of squares.

Over a period of about four weeks we were able to put a blanket together. Marie then crocheted a border all around it to give it that finishing touch.  Betty was so proud of her work and posed for some photos when it was all finished.

Betty then gave the blanket to her granddaughter as a present and keepsake from her so she will always have something to remember her by.

At Gildawood Court, we always try to encourage activities and interest, both new and old, for our residents whether they are day, care, short stay or permanent.

If you would like to find out more about life at Gildawood Court, please contact us on or call 0808 223 5508.

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