Animal Week at Mill House

At Mill House nursing home in Chipping Campden, the animals did not come in ‘two by two’ and we did not quite have enough to fill an Ark, but our first ever Animal Week was a huge success.

A lot of our residents used to have their own pets and also livestock and often comment on their memories and how great it is for them to reconnect with pets. So with this in mind, the week-long event was chosen not only to give the residents a wonderful experience to get up close and personal to some very cute animals, but to bring members of the local community to our home and meet our residents and team.

After a request to our local community from our Activities Coordinator Paul, we were amazed to be contacted by so many people willing to come and join us and bring their pets with them. All of the animals were kindly brought in over a few days and we had guinea pigs, a lamb, a goat, a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, chickens and a tortoise to name just a few.

They were such characters and had the residents eating out of their hands or rather they were eating out of our residents hands!

With colourful names such as Master Charles Huffington Harrison (or Charlie Huff the Hedgehog for short), Timmy the rescue Hermann Tortoise, Moose and Beetle the Pekin Bantam Chickens, they all were a real attraction.

In fact we had all the animals our residents requested, except a giraffe! We are not sure we can pull that one off but if anyone who lives locally does have a pet giraffe, do let us know…

Comments ranged from
“Can believe how well behaved the chickens were. They loved sitting on the residents knees, being stroked and falling asleep!”

“I thought the chicken might flap around a bit… but they didn’t! They were so well behaved.”

“Love the smile on this ladies face. It was her first time holding a tortoise and you can tell she and Timmy the Hermann tortoise are loving it.”

“Great to see he was a real hit with the residents and staff. I think he really enjoyed having the freedom to run around too.”

“It was lovely to be able to bring some of my animals in to meet the residents on Friday. It was fantastic to see the smiles on their faces when they gave them a little cuddle. My animals’ give me so much joy and it was lovely to be able to share it with you guys there.”

“A great pet to bring and show the residents as he doesn’t move to quick! Timmy loved having lots of head tickles and shell strokes from the residents.”

As part of our Animal Week, we also had a visit from a young lady today who was a credit to her parents and her school. She chatted to our residents with confidence, compassion and understanding and her guinea pigs were extremely well behaved.

 Kim Mulford, Home Manager commented
“We know the benefits both mentally and physically that an animal can have on the wellbeing of our residents. These visits are extremely beneficial and have a very positive impact upon the quality of life at our home, which is what we strive for.

Thousands of people of all ages benefit every week from the visits provided by volunteers and their pets, who bring joy, comfort and companionship to many individuals who appreciate being able to touch and stroke a friendly animal. We’re already looking forward to their next visit!”

The event was so popular it will be repeated again very soon. In fact, we’ve been promised a visit by some ducklings. We can’t wait!