Angels Delight at Mill House

Every year, residents of Mill House in Chipping Campden take part in a festival at a local Church, St. James, which has a different theme each time. Last year it was based around ‘Nativity’ but this year, the theme was ‘Angels.’

All our residents were busy with preparations, which started a few weeks before as we had to make each part of the angel separately.  The head was made of paper mache, the body and wings of cardboard, cotton pads and cotton wool.

The angel was then decorated with tinsel and fairy lights and once all completed and our residents were happy with the finished article, it was put on display at St. James Church for a week between 5th and 9th of December.

The Residents of Mill House had a chance to go on the mini bus to St. James to watch all the displayed angels, listen to the Christmas Carols and enjoy some mince pies and a hot drink.  Dominika, the Activity Coordinator organised two morning visits on Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th of December, so that all the residents who were interested could visit and see the angels on  display.

On Wednesday morning Eve, Kath, Molly, Audrey and John had a chance to see all the beautiful angels around the church. Next day, Winn, Maureen, David and Mary also took the opportunity to visit. Winn, accompanied by her daughter Christine was delighted to have a chance to join in this festive event.

The residents’ angel, was situated right in the middle of altar and was lit up so beautifully, brightening the Church up and our residents too who were so proud of their angelic effort.

Craig Bishop, the Vicar has a great sense of humour and even composed a new song, ‘Angels Delight’ which was a real attraction and brought smiles all round.

Heavenly Hosts
In the valley of my favourite things
my angel delight called out to me

On wings of strawberry tranquillity
we flew beyond the artic rolls
and the baked Alaskan hills

With longing I whispered,
“I love you butterscotch angel delight.”

The weather was also quite mild so it was a pleasant outing for everyone involved and we are looking forward to next year. We are wondering what the theme will be…

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