All creatures great and small at Home of Compassion

We had some unexpected young visitors to the Home of Compassion in Thames Ditton when a passing cyclist presented us with two ducklings he had found on the roundabout outside our grounds.  It seems Mum had been separated from her charges and leaving them on the road was not really an option for their longevity.

Simon Read, our SMO located a suitable box to place them in and we tried getting mum to hear their calls by situating them on the banks of the River Thames, which is at the bottom of our garden.  Unfortunately the only attention the poor orphans mustered was from a smug Siamese cat who thought he had discovered a rather tasty snack for later.

The RSPB seemed inundated with enquiries, however the RSPCA put us in touch with a swan sanctuary based in Shepperton.  A quick call confirmed they would be interested in receiving our house guests and off we went to find them a new home.

Upon arrival at the swan sanctuary, we were met by a surrogate mum and dad at the front door, which was a good start.  We were also bowled over by the three dedicated swan ambulances scattered about their car park, this was obviously a serious set up.

Pinky and Perky, our newly named cheeping chicks were scooped up by a kindly employee who promptly plonked them into an incubator with thirty or forty similar aged chums.  Looking at facilities on offer we discovered training pools for the new recruits and high end individual larger pens for older swans, who were recovering from injuries, who had en-suite ponds of their very own.

When the goslings, signets and ducklings have recovered and received suitable training for the big bad world they are released at intervals along the River Thames.

We wonder if Pinky and Perky will return to visit us one day.

The Swan Sanctuary is located on Felix Lane, Shepperton, Middlesex and you can contact them on 01932 240790.  They are a registered charity who operate a Sponsor service for anyone interested in helping them with their work.  They are the only Swan Sanctuary in the UK and the day we visited they were expecting two swans all the way from Wales.

Home of Compassion is dedicated to providing the highest level of residential, nursing and dementia care for up to 71 elderly residents.

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