Abbeycrest Nursing Home Spearheads Home Haemodialysis as Part of its Person-Centred Care Promise

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the numerous health conditions that significantly reduced the quality of life among 1.8 million people in England. With CKD, kidneys become less effective at filtering waste products from blood; water, waste and toxic substances therefore accumulate in the body. It is a condition requiring long term treatment called Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT), which can be done through either kidney transplant or dialysis. Dialysis is oftentimes being carried out in the hospital setting due to its complexity and the degree of clinical skills it require whilst performing the procedure.

Having haemodialysis treatment in the hospital is agonizing to some patients. The amount of time they are spending waiting for the hospital transport to collect them from home and back causes too much distress not to mention the non-productive hours loss on that day. This is the experience of Ted, one of Abbeycrest’s residents. He moved to Abbeycrest in January 2018. For five years, Ted goes to hospital three times a week via hospital transport. He sacrificed his sumptuous lunch ever-since as he needed to bear with his packed lunch whilst on treatment. At times, hospital transport is late, thus making him eat his lunch late as well and even supper.

According to Mr Smith, such lifestyle is indeed of no quality. He would be lucky enough if he will be collected first by the hospital transport and be the first one to be transported on his way back as well. However, this is not always the case, as he lives in Abbeycrest, he finds himself being the last one among the few patients in the same transport to go home most of the time. He feels that every dialysis session is a day taken of his life as he can’t do anything but to wait for the ambulance team to arrive.

With this experience of Ted and the numerous encounters wherein he experienced adverse reaction in the hospital without the nurses in Abbeycrest knowing, the idea of having dialysis in the nursing home emanates. The staff looking after him are confident that they can deliver such care that Ted requires whilst in Abbeycrest. There has been series of conversations that took place; first, the home therapy team of the hospital talked to him and screened him for eligibility to have home haemodialysis: and second, his nephrologist was consulted for the possibility of pushing it forward. There has been reluctance on the side of the medical team as it would be the first time this could ever happen outside the hospital environment and they are not confident that a nursing home can pull it off.

Ted has been dialysed at Abbeycrest since May 2018. The project was a success after series of conversations, support from Abbeycrest Manager led by Marilyn Kimayong and Deputy Manager Sonia Silva and the staff looking after him. He verbalised that it’s with great joy that he is being dialysed at Abbeycrest as it was a relief from the previous misery that he needed to endure as a CKD patient being dialysed in the hospital. He is glad that at present, he has a normal lifestyle and can have dialysis at his own convenience at Abbeycrest. He further added that his life changed drastically when he started receiving the treatment at Abbeycrest. At the moment, he can plan his activities outside with the support of his friends, can join the home-organised activities and excursions, and most importantly, he can now enjoy proper meals without hurrying or being interrupted.

It took the home weeks to prepare the dialysis setup as shown in the picture as it needed some time to do the water analysis for the machine and the staff to finish their training and be signed off by the home therapy nurse. The training took place initially at RBH Bracknell Healthspace Renal Unit for three days and a week of observation whilst doing the procedure when the treatment commenced at Abbeycrest before Jay and Sonia were signed-off initially. Ted’s haemodialysis prescription is different compared to hospital treatment as he needed to do it five times a week for three hours. The important thing is, the procedure is being carried out according to his convenience and preference. Furthermore, his kidney clearance and other blood analysis are being monitored at Abbeycrest in collaboration with the local GP and the Huntley and Palmer Dialysis Unit.

Above is a photo of Ted whilst on treatment with Sonia, Jerry and yours truly, Jay. Both Jerry and I are Certified Nephrology Nurses in the Philippines duly accredited by the Renal Nurses Association of the Philippines apart from the competency assessment certificate we received from Royal Berkshire Hospital. They believe that renal nursing is a calling not a specialty and an opportunity to contribute to people’s wellness through their nursing skills. Sonia, who is the Clinical Services Manager at Abbeycrest got her dialysis training in the country. She was an advocate of the project and one of the key champions to make it possible. They constitute the team that looks after Ted’s overall wellness whilst in Abbeycrest and Ted couldn’t be happier with all the support and care he receives. There are other nurses undergoing training at the moment and the team is still expanding as they support new nurses who would like to be part of Ted’s complex care need. Together, they’ve contributed to the vision of the company and exhibited how person-centred care can be translated into practice amidst complexity and as a living proof that our nurses can do more in this kind of environment.

At Abbeycrest we provide specialist residential, nursing and dementia care in a purpose built environment. We continuously improve the lives of our residents through offering wide ranging services, activities and events, both in and outside of the home involving members of our local community as often as possible.

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the numerous health conditions that significantly reduced the quality of life among 1.8 million people in England. With…

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