A personal reflection by resident Anne at Belmont House

No-one ever tells you what entering a care home will be like.

Everyone says “Oh it will be lovely!” These people don’t live in a care home. I am told you won’t have to worry about doing the gardening anymore, getting and carrying the shopping anymore making your bed, doing the laundry, making meals (which you don’t really want half the time!) tidying the house, washing up, in fact all the chores you have been doing all the years you have been a housewife and Mother.

Before I had entered the home I had seen pictures in the magazines of happy smiling people, stylishly dressed with their hair and make-up done, smiling back at me, and I thought perhaps what they say is true, you investigate and its investigated for you and the consensus is, it’s right for you. So one is chosen with great difficulty, lots of tears, the selling of one’s home and nearly all your belongings.

The day finally comes. Tears are shed, a voice says “Don’t look back”. So off we go on the short journey to the new home, it’s a lovely house, very welcoming and pretty.

A few introductions are made, room inspected, bags unpacked. Tea and coffee and freshly made biscuits readily available. A leisurely look around and lunch is ready. It smells good, you can sit where you like, super food very enjoyable. After lunch, more coffee and tea. More introductions to ladies and gentlemen already living here. Everybody is very nice although they all seem busy with their own things. Film in the cinema, very comfy chairs! Hobbies room, looks like there’s plenty of new things to try. I’m feeling a little bewildered by now, what should I do? Go to my room? I hear the words “cup of tea anybody?” so I find the lady making the tea. Again, the tea is very enjoyable, there’s fresh cakes if anyone wants some.

I decide to go and explore my room, my initial thought was “What a narrow bed!” after so many years of sleeping in a double bed I was worried about falling out! But hey ho we have to give it a try tonight! After moving a few things around to make my own space feel like mine it was supper time.

Supper, again, is a very good meal and I can sit where I like, I choose to sit with 3 other ladies that appear to be nice. Supper is very tasty, well presented and there’s plenty of it. The food is freshly prepared by the chef, who is a lovely person, we are given plenty of choice and if there is something on the menu we don’t like she is happy to substitute it for something we like. I am slowly beginning to realise there are benefits to living here, not having to think about the weekly shop, meals and budget is a bonus! Not having to toil in the kitchen daily and no more washing up to do, some days it felt as if I were stuck in the kitchen all day so it’s nice that someone else is in charge of these chores.

Although initially my thoughts on moving were very reserved, I feel it has been the right decision, I am gradually settling in to my new environment and community, I’m slowly forging new friendships and Belmont House is really feeling like home. The only thing I miss is nipping to the shops, sometimes I really fancy a bit of chocolate!! I have just discovered, however, that a shop “Belmont House Stores” is being opened very soon which is fantastic and exciting!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I have enjoyed putting my thoughts down on paper. A million thanks to the Belmont House Team without whom none of this would have been possible.

At Belmont House we provide specialist residential, nursing and dementia care in a purpose built environment. We continuously improve the lives of our residents through offering wide ranging services, activities and events, both in and outside of the home involving members of our local community as often as possible.

If you would like to find out more about this event and/or life at Belmont House please contact us on 0808 223 5407 or belmont@caringhomes.org.

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