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Information and Guidance

Helping you navigate the practical and emotional complexities of dementia

Supporting your Journey

From keeping up to date with the National Agenda and various topics, such as diagnosis and symptoms, to considering care options, we’re here to help guide you to valuable information, resources and support.

All About Dementia

We know how daunting it can be when you or a loved one may receive a diagnosis of dementia.

We want to help signpost people affected by dementia to valuable resources and information to widen their knowledge to better understand, manage and cope with the challenges associated with dementia.

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The Emotional Journey

Choosing a care home for a loved one is a decision that carries immense weight, often stirring a complex mixture of emotions.

We appreciate the huge importance of selecting a care home that brings wellbeing, safety and happiness for the person needing care. We are with families every step of the way, helping ease the often emotional, as well as practical, journey into care.

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Further Information, Guidance and Support on the Caring Homes Dementia Hub

The Policy Landscape

The prevalence of dementia is increasing. It has become a significant challenge for those who campaign and work with governments and policymakers to make a better world for people living with dementia. We take a look at recent Government strategy, policies and plans for dementia in the short and long term.

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