What To Expect From A Specialist Dementia Care Home

3rd January 2024

At Caring Homes, we know that making the decision for a loved one living with dementia to join a care home is a difficult and often emotional one. You want to be sure that they are staying at a Home that cares for them as an individual. In this article, we'll share with you exactly what to expect when your loved one comes to live in one of our dementia care homes.

First and foremost, we care about our residents and want each resident to feel as though they are cared for and important. When a person joins us, it is our priority to learn all there is to know about them. From their passions to their hobbies and personal life, we want to get to understand who they are and what makes them happy. Then, our dedicated team can support with whatever brings the resident a sense of purpose, meaning and most importantly: joy!

Supportive and Understanding Environment

The best type of care comes from those with a genuine interest in people. At our dementia care homes, we truly care for our residents like we do our own family. We take the time to understand their stories, needs, and interests, and most importantly, we pay attention to these details. It is this that ensures we make everyday life as reassuring, encouraging, and fulfilling as possible for our residents. By listening to what matters to our residents, they can continue to be themselves.

At Caring Homes, we pride ourselves on being an award winning and quality accredited company with a track record for providing the best dementia care for elderly people. Our Founders have spent a large amount of time ensuring that we provide the best possible care for people living with Dementia through our understanding of the condition and the unique training we provide to all our care teams. There are many types of dementia which affect each person in individual ways. Care includes helping to preserve their sense of identify and quality of life. You can rest assured that your loved ones will be safe and understood with us.

Expertly Trained Staff

In our UK nursing homes, we have in-house experts who deliver bespoke training for all members of staff, at every level. The teams within our homes stay up to date with the latest policies and procedures and immerse themselves in our unique, award-winning ‘Living in My World’ dementia training. It highlights the importance of meaningful activities and a stimulating environment for people living with dementia. By understanding the person and their ‘world’ - their life history and personal culture, our teams deliver personalised care ensuring residents can feel happy and fulfilled. We combine good care home design, technology and care to enable people to live well with dementia.

Each of our care workers work towards their Care Certificate, giving them the confidence to deliver the utmost care to our residents. We are passionate about supporting our residents in the best ways possible and we always take critical steps to make this a certainty.

Sense Of Routine

Daily routines help reduce stress and anxiety, allowing our residents to know what to expect from each day. People who live with dementia thrive on familiarity. By creating an environment of familiar routines and activities, we help our residents to feel comforted and as calm as possible in our dementia care home. We aim to keep every day as familiar and structured as possible so your loved ones can feel as safe and secure as possible, whilst enjoying the things they like to do. This includes having relaxed mealtimes, which are a part of our “My World” approach to dementia care.

Relaxed Mealtimes

At our care homes, mealtimes are a relaxed and social affair. Our residents can enjoy mealtimes in our comfortable lounge area with their friends, in the cafeteria, or in their room if they prefer. These options ensure that your loved ones can feel comfortable and safe during each meal. We understand that not every resident has the same requirements when it comes to eating so with this in mind, we cater for each individual.

As an addition to our ‘Living in My World’ award-winning training, our hospitality team and chefs are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to stimulate senses and increase creativity in the cooking and presentation of food. ‘Food in My World’ provides a much-improved dining experience for residents living with dementia and/or dysphagia.

In dementia homes, residents benefit from routine and security. Our trained staff provides discreet support for residents who require it, leaving you certain that we do everything we can to ensure that mealtimes are as comfortable as possible for each resident.

A Thoughtful and Innovative Environment

Our dementia care homes prioritise both person-centred care and dementia-friendly designs for improved well-being. Memory aids, personalised memory boxes, and thoughtful environmental features enhance independence and confidence.

Design elements such as strong lighting coupled with the use of colour and contrast and clear signage contribute to a dementia-friendly environment at our care homes, ensuring a safe stay for all our residents. In addition to this, some of our homes have acoustic flooring and innovative doors with a fob entry system where the door will illuminate on approach. This helps with familiarisation and creates a familiar routine, all of which particularly benefit our residents.

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