Beryl feels Whittington House is the place for her!

17th June 2021

What made you choose this home? Who made the decision?

“I was living alone in my flat, enjoying a full social life, but then after a fall, my family and I decided to look for a new home where I could retain my freedom, but at the same time, give my family, and myself a greater sense of safety and peace of mind.”

What was the moving in experience like?

For Beryl and her family the moving in went very smoothly, “Whittington House has been a great place for me to be independent and explore other interests like art, something I have always enjoyed since school. It is a wonderful place - a heaven before I get there. Staff are kind and attentive and I’m so pleased my family and I chose Whittington over a different care home”.

How are you settling in at Whittington House?

Beryl’s sense of humour, creativity and friendliness makes her the lively energy of the home. “I try to never miss an activity, as being active is the key to staying active. I enjoy drawing, as art was something I always enjoyed at school, playing scrabble, watching a good film or to just sit with a friend for a chat”. Beryl is great company and a positive and caring friend to other residents.

What advice would you give other care seekers and their families?

Beryl is one of those people who will break the silence with the question everybody is thinking about but does not want to ask! ‘I am a Christian, love my Church, mixing with all people, try to help others and am lucky to have a supportive family - look where they found for me, a heaven before heaven. This is such a peaceful place, who wouldn’t want to be here”.

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