What Should You Look For In A Nursing Care Home?

2nd October 2023

Understanding what it is that transforms an ordinary old house into a ‘home’ can be subjective. Is it the comfort of familiar furniture? The photos of our loved ones on the wall? Or the closeness of our friends and family? Perhaps it’s a combination of all these things and much more besides.

At Caring Homes, we believe your home should be a place where you feel happy, nurtured and content – whether it be a childhood home or a nursing care home. We enjoy nothing more than helping people who visit our Homes to make the best choices, so we thought we would share a few friendly tips for anyone searching for the best care homes to suit their needs. Everyone is unique and all our preferences differ. But with a little helping hand, there’s no reason not to be able to find a warm, welcoming care home that ticks all the boxes.


The location of the nursing home is one of the first aspects to consider. Proximity to family and friends is important for maintaining social connections and goes a long way towards helping with everyone’s emotional wellbeing. With that in mind, moving into a care home in the UK can be a great opportunity to move closer to family or even moving somewhere new!

While the prospect of moving to a new location can be daunting, we’re strong believers that it doesn’t need to be. The UK is full of natural beauty, from vibrant forests to rolling hills and stunning scenery. Moving to a new care home simply opens another corner of that world for exciting days out with your loved ones. At Caring Homes, we have luxurious nursing homes scattered all around the country. You can find all our homes here, or search by county or town to find the nearest location to your area.

Quality Of Care

The quality of care provided by any nursing home is paramount. It’s always beneficial to research the facility’s reputation and record in terms of medical care and specialised care for any relevant conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Reading reviews by residents and guests is a great way to gain insight into the level of care offered by a care home. You could also seek recommendations from healthcare professionals.

Accreditation and ratings from relevant healthcare authorities are another indicator of a nursing care home’s commitment to quality and safety standards. For instance, Caring Homes’ award-winning ‘My World’ training offers exceptional care for individuals with dementia.

Accommodation And Amenities

The living conditions and amenities of a nursing home will always influence the quality of life of its residents, particularly as many will have often complex health needs. It’s important to look for clean and well-maintained living spaces that cater first and foremost to residents’ comfort. On top of that, homely common areas and relaxing outdoor spaces will all contribute to an enriched lifestyle and well-being. Food quality and options are also key, where nutritious, balanced, innovative meals can make meals times a treat and where special diets or fortified meals can be catered for. Don’t forget, the whole nursing home will effectively be your new home, so ensure you’re happy with every aspect of it, from your personal living area to the shared amenities. At Caring Homes, we aim to make our care homes as luxurious and comfortable as possible, ensuring every need is provided for.

Caring, Compassionate Nurses

Nursing Care ensures peace of mind for residents with complex care needs where Registered General Nurses are there for them day and night supporting their own unique health-related needs.

Nurses are chosen for their experience across a wide range of clinical conditions, but it doesn’t stop there. Good care is a given; it’s the compassion they show every day, the time they take to listen, their kind reassurance that can make the difference.

Atmosphere And First Impressions

The overall atmosphere and environment of a nursing home are just as important as the facilities. A warm and inviting homely atmosphere will play a huge part in creating a place of happiness and joy that you won’t want to take yourself away from. Of course, the simplest way to judge the atmosphere of a care home is to see it for yourself. We all know that first impressions and sheer gut instinct count. If the staff are polite and courteous in a natural way, then this is likely to be inherent, if the home is not just clean, but spotless then this is likely to be the bar they set. Probably the greatest ‘litmus test’ is do the residents look happy and content? We love welcoming visitors to all our UK care homes, especially where you can see how residents get along with each other and all our wonderful team. Not to mention, all the activities we have going on.

Friendly Team

All the best care homes have the best team, and ours are no different! These friendly and professional individuals will be at the heart of the care provided and make a world of difference to a resident’s experience. When visiting a nursing home, speak to the team – the manager, carer and nurses and have a few conversations to gauge how you’ll fit in.

It can also be a good idea to learn a little about the team’s training, especially in care homes with nursing services. In our case, all our team go through specialist training programmes to ensure they’re providing the best possible level of service for all residents.

Caring Homes

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