The Orchard's Gentleman's Club Has Arrived

9th September 2023

The Orchard’s Home Manager, Narcis Militaru, is a strong believer in creating strong relationships and taking on any comments from residents, which is why the initiative, "The Gentleman's Club" was introduced.

Narcis put forward the idea for the Gentleman of The Orchard Nursing Home to meet in a space to bond over shared interests, fine snacks, and a beverage of their choice.

Drive Down Memory Lane

As residents savoured their preferred alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, the gentleman’s conversation turned to nostalgic tales of their youth, particularly their automotive adventures. Many of them earned their driving licenses in the 1950s when the roads were a lot more open than they were today.

Resident Clive recounted a story of his trusty Austin Morris, while Dennis shared his memories of driving a Ford Prefect, a vehicle that had no handbrake. To prevent it from rolling away, he turned the wheels against the curb!

As the afternoon unfolded, the conversation naturally shifted to their professions, showcasing the diverse backgrounds and experiences of The Orchard’s residents. From scientific engineering to salesmanship, from serving in the RAF to office work, each gentleman's journey was a fascinating insight into their lives.

New Members Welcome

The Gentleman's Club welcomed new members during this inaugural gathering, and they will soon receive certificates and members cards to make it official. There is also a set of rules being established to be able to join.

Home Manager Narcis has committed to hosting The Gentleman's Club on the first Thursday of every month in the afternoon. This regular meeting provides residents with a space to relive memories, forge new friendships, and create more moments to treasure.

Narcis expressed his enthusiasm for The Gentleman's Club, stating, "We're dedicated to creating meaningful experiences for our residents, and The Gentleman's Club is a testament to this commitment. It's heartwarming to see residents come together, share stories, and form friendships where they may have not previously within our Home."

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