Sanford House's Garden Transformed By The Prince's Trust

22nd August 2023

Sanford House Nursing Home had the privilege of partnering with The Prince's Trust and Norfolk Fire and Rescue for an extraordinary transformation that would change residents’ experience in the Home.

This collaboration was part of The Prince's Trust Youth Development Plan, a 12-week program that’s designed to empower young adults aged 16 to 25 with vital life skills. Among the program's highlights was a community project, something Sanford House Nursing Home was honoured to not only be considered, but be chosen to have our garden be given a makeover.

Creating the Vision

The project started with the wellbeing team taking the lead. Together, they put a garden plan onto a mood board after incorporating ideas from residents to present to The Prince's Trust Team. With a special focus on sensory experiences, the team's goal was to turn the garden into an area for residents living with dementia.

Previously, the garden had been quite plain, necessitating constant supervision when residents ventured outside. However, the Prince's Trust Team worked tirelessly to change this. They raised the fence height by installing new trellis, enhancing the garden's safety for residents to enjoy solo or with company. The gazebo, once green, was repainted with a fresh coat of bright white and blue paint, hidden corners were opened up and new raised planters filled with sensory plants, generously donated by Norfolk Herbs, The Plants Man, and Sanford House. The team also created sensory boards, installed a water feature, and added a new greenhouse to complete the incredible transformation.

Working Together as a Team

The Sanford House Wellbeing Team was profoundly impressed by The Prince's Trust Team's unwavering dedication and hard work, regardless of rain or shine. Their passion for the project was exceptional, as they arrived each day with radiant smiles while taking turns to lead and fulfilling specific roles tirelessly. Under the remarkable guidance of their leaders Chantelle, Scott, and Gary, the project came together seamlessly. Chantelle offered both physical and emotional support, Scott kept the team focused, and Gary contributed his DIY skills.

The garden, once plain, has been transformed into a secure and stimulating space for all residents. It has become a cherished spot for residents and their families to spend quality time together, epitomised by a heartwarming garden party held at the project's conclusion.

The project concluded with an emotionally charged awards ceremony attended by The Wellbeing Team and a few residents. It was a poignant moment to express profound pride and gratitude for The Prince's Trust Team's extraordinary efforts at Sanford House.

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