Sanford House Residents Vote For A Retro Style Birthday Party To Mark 30 Years Of Caring Homes

27th June 2024

When Caring Homes set out to mark its 30th anniversary and encouraged all homes to join in the celebrations, the team at Sanford House needed no further encouragement!

Residents Choose Coronation Chicken, Trifle and Other Party Food Classics

Although Sanford House didn’t join Caring Homes until 2001, they never shy away from an opportunity to hold a party. A big bow, bunting and sail flags were put up to decorate the outside of the home and a delicious 3-tier cake arrived for everyone to enjoy. The rest was up to the Sanford team!

In their monthly Residents Meeting, the Wellbeing Team asked residents what they would like to do to celebrate and the decision was a ‘retro style’ birthday party. Residents reminisced about the games they used to play at parties and those they held for young family members, as well as the party food they had. After discussing this, the Chef came up with a menu for a great buffet spread full of classics including devilled eggs, Coronation Chicken, vol au vents and trifle.

Paper Chains, Party Hats and Retro Sweets Prove Popular

Residents made beautiful paperchains to decorate the home with and they were helped by the children from East Dereham Day Nursery, who visit once a fortnight. Residents also made party hats to add to the fun. Once the Wellbeing Team had put together a schedule to include some of the most popular games, Sanford House was all set for the big day.

Retro Party Day arrived and so did the hot weather, so it was decided to keep the party in the main lounge where it was cool with the doors and windows open. Every tabletop was filled with games like Pick-Up-Sticks, Jacks, Egg and Spoon game, Quoits etc. The tables also displayed a selection of retro sweets from the special section in the local newsagents – Pontefract cakes, jazzies (those little chocolate discs covered with hundreds and thousands), black jacks, sherbet, white mice and many more. These went down very well with both residents and staff!

Musical Statues, Pass the Parcel – and a Hilarious Chicken Impression!

Music played all day and the Wellbeing Team kicked the games off with Pass the Parcel. Residents were good at passing the gift around, with the occasional temptation to unwrap or take off another layer! This was definitely a flashback to some cheeky childhood ways, but it made everyone laugh. Musical Statues followed, and residents surprised themselves by being very good at it. After the dancing, things calmed down a little with a game of Simon Says. Being honest, everyone was awful at that! After a quick round of retro drinks - cream soda, cherryade, dandelion and burdock or shandy – the party pace picked up again. Out came the balloons and bubbles which definitely encouraged everyone’s playful side and some competitive streaks. The team then played a quick game of charades and both residents and staff were brilliant at this - including one of the best chicken impressions seen in a long time! Then it was time for some retro lunch prep and residents helped out by making tasty cheese and pineapple hedgehog treats. Everyone was happy but hungry, so it was time to move into the Dining Room for the delicious retro spread, handmade by Chef.

The Price is Right Game Reveals Bananas Cheaper than in 1994

Returning to the party room after lunch, residents enjoyed another, much better behaved, game of Pass the Parcel! They then placed The Price is Right with a household shopping list from Tesco. Residents were given a picture and today’s price, and everyone then guessed the price 30 years ago in 1994. The biggest shock was that bananas are cheaper now and also the huge increase in the price of meat. It was a great way to reminisce and spark conversations.

Finally, it was time for a karaoke session, with songs chosen from a list of all the residents’ favourites - and a few staff classics too. The day was then rounded off with the arrival of the afternoon tea trolley, serving the usual drinks selection and slices of the special Caring Homes birthday cake. Needless to say, everyone slept well that night! Congratulations Caring Homes from everyone at Sanford House.

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