Horsell Lodge Care Home Partners with Chatty Café Scheme to Combat Loneliness

1st May 2023

Horsell Lodge Care Home is excited to announce its partnership with the Chatty Café Scheme, a leading non-profit organisation dedicated to tackling loneliness in the UK. To promote social connection and combat isolation, Horsell Lodge is hosting a Chatty Café every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm in their inviting Bistro. The care home warmly welcomes the local community to join in these friendly gatherings.

Sophie Taylor, the Customer Relations Manager at Horsell Lodge, has taken the initiative to set up the café at the care home. "We are thrilled to be partnering with the Chatty Café Scheme and opening our doors to the community," she expresses. "Loneliness affects so many individuals, and we want to create a welcoming space where people can connect and share meaningful conversations."

Julie Bignell, the Home Manager of Horsell Lodge, echoes the sentiment, saying, "As a care home, we believe in the power of community and supporting one another. Partnering with the Chatty Café Scheme allows us to extend our reach and contribute to the well-being of our local area. We are delighted to be part of this important initiative."

The Chatty Café Scheme offers multiple services to combat loneliness, including face-to-face meetups at venues with designated "Chatter & Natter" tables. These tables encourage individuals to come together and engage in conversation. In addition, the organisation hosts online Chatty Cafe Sessions and provides a Telephone Friendship Service for those experiencing loneliness.

Volunteers play a vital role in delivering these services, and the Chatty Café Scheme welcomes individuals who are passionate about making a difference. To learn more about volunteering opportunities, visit their "Volunteers" page.

Horsell Lodge Care Home is proud to support the Chatty Café Scheme's mission and invites everyone to attend the Chatty Café on Wednesdays. Let's come together, share stories, and forge connections that brighten each other's lives.

For more information about Horsell Lodge’s Chatty Café, please get in touch with the home on 0808 223 5513.

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