Fostering excellence: Uniting an exceptional team at Tarring Manor Care Home

11th August 2023

Tarring Manor Care Home, the newly built care home under the esteemed Caring Homes Group, is proud to announce the addition of Lucy Bunday to their team as a dedicated Hospitality Assistant. In her initial weeks at Tarring Manor, Lucy has already proven to be a valuable asset, embodying the compassionate and dedicated ethos that the home stands for.

Lucy's journey into the role has been driven by a diverse background in customer service. She brings years of experience from her previous roles, including serving as a manager at a bookmakers and customer service assistant positions at Sainsbury's and Cineworld. Her heartwarming inclination towards care and a desire to make a genuine impact in people's lives motivated her decision to join Tarring Manor Care Home.

When asked about her reasons for choosing Tarring Manor, Lucy eloquently shared, "I am a caring person and want to help make a difference in people's lives. With a background in hospitality and customer service, I aspire to become a Health Care Assistant in the future. Tarring Manor provides me with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and confidence in a healthcare setting, laying the foundation for my journey towards this goal."

Lucy's initial days at Tarring Manor were marked with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Being new to the realm of residential care, she found herself navigating unfamiliar territory. However, the support and encouragement from the team, including Trainer, Manager, and Administrator, eased her transition. Tarring Manor's commitment to fostering a collaborative environment was evident as they provided her with the tools she needed, such as iPads and laptops, ensuring her learning journey was smooth.

Reflecting on her experience, Lucy shared, "In my second week, I discovered a newfound enthusiasm for Ecademy courses. I completed them swiftly and found myself assisting newer colleagues who required additional support. I felt a sense of purpose by helping others comprehend assessment questions and guiding them technically and emotionally."

Home Manager Karen Grainger acknowledged Lucy's proactive approach, observing her taking fellow team members under her wing. "Lucy's eagerness to support others, both technically and emotionally, showcases her genuine commitment to our shared vision. Her dedication amplifies the spirit of camaraderie that defines Tarring Manor's team."

With Lucy's warm-hearted contributions and the united efforts of the entire team, Tarring Manor continues its journey towards becoming the premier Care Home in Worthing, embodying a welcoming environment that promotes holistic wellbeing for residents.

For more information about being part of the team at Caring Manor, please visit our Careers website.

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