Laverstock Residents Celebrate National Hand Writing Day

The residents of Laverstock Care Centre enjoyed a morning looking at examples of calligraphy to celebrate national hand writing day. Together with handwriting items such as quills, fountain pens, ink wells, blotting paper and pictures surrounded with italic writing fascinated those within the group. Memories were brought back of days when people had to write with a fountain pen and the times when you dare not make too many mistakes that you couldn’t rub out!

Barry Pentelow brought in several works produced by his father to show examples of how calligraphic writing around a poem or picture can dramatically enhance this art that has now become less popular.

A history talk of inks and how they were made and used was given along with a discussion about mechanical/propelling pens and pencils from Victorian times, which intrigued the residents very much. For some of the residents it’s brought back memories of their school days when fountain pens were the only writing tool they would use. For others this talk brought back memories of pencils and the days when they had to be sharpened in the pencil sharpner.

One of our residents recalled having the job of sharpening pencils within the classroom and winding the sharpener around and around until the pencils were no more!

At the end of the morning residents said how much they thoroughly enjoyed this event and can’t wait for the next one.

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