Diwali at Guysfield

Thursday 3rd of November saw the main communal area at Guysfield in Letchworth, adorned with hundreds of coloured lights and other decorations as we embraced Diwali.

The lights were not the only lovely bright colours to be seen, our activity staff and visiting entertainer Showmi were also dressed in an array of colours.

The Bollywood show and workshop was a huge hit with the residents and staff, lots of fun was had as they learnt some of the dance techniques to dances such as Bhangra, Classical Indian, Arabic and Indian Folk. Laughter and clapping filled the room as staff were put through their paces performing vigorous dance routines, alongside Showmi, for the residents. They really did not want it to end, it was evident how much they had enjoyed it.

The dancing was great for the residents whether they were able to get up and join in or sit and watch, learning new dance moves and joining in no matter how much helps build their confidence and fitness, whilst having lots of fun!

During a well deserved rest after the dancing, food tasting was on the agenda. Various Indian snacks were tried by many of the residents such as onion bhajis, samosas, papadums, with various facial reactions giving a clue to their preferences. The idea was for our residents to try different foods that are not usually on the menu and by tieing this into a day event gave them a good reason to trial new tastes.

For residents who may be losing interest in food and participating in mealtimes – an activity that focuses on stimulating the senses can provide the key to encouraging them to eat or being able to enjoy food again. For some, an activity that encourages sharing of memories related to food may be a powerful and positive experience. Food is also a great topic for conversation, either in groups or one-to-one. The smell of food – such as freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee – can evoke memories of the past and is a powerful way of stimulating appetites and conversation.

Guysfield provides residential care in a beautifully converted Country House  for up to 49 elderly people in the conservation village of Willian.

If you would like to find out more about life at Guysfield and the care we offer, or to request a meeting with our Home Manager, please contact us on 0808 223 5509 or guysfield@CaringHomes.org


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Pawel Michalewicz


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0808 223 5509
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