Palliative Care

A safe and comforting place

Our specialist care teams work closely with local GPs and other health specialists to understand and respect the unique and individual wishes of each person. Advance care planning enables residents to get on with living, knowing that their wishes are on record and will always be central to decision making.

Our homes offer a safe and comforting place for people nearing the end of their lives and their loved ones, where they can feel wrapped in kindness, whilst knowing that the practical and physical aspects of care are being managed appropriately and competently. Caring Homes reputation locally for end of life care is testament to this.

Care and understanding

Right from the moment a new resident joins our home, they and their relatives are welcomed into the Caring Homes family. We share their ups and downs and staff are encouraged to provide emotional support and build close and authentic relationships with our residents and their family and friends. Close attention to detail also enables us to focus on small but hugely significant details that make the world of difference, such as having a favourite picture in view. The care team offer daily one-to-one time to people in bed, ‘normalising’ the environment. This often entails sharing a favourite pastime, based on in-depth understanding, such as reminiscing about life or reading the newspaper.

Where possible, residents are encouraged to join in with life at the home. The non-institutional atmosphere and our full programme of activities helps them to enjoy their remaining time in a fulfilling way.

Giving you peace of mind

Many team members contribute to the experience of residents and their loved ones. This may be as simple as a warm hug from a member of the housekeeping team or the chef cooking up a longed for favourite meal or even ordering a takeaway. Residents, family members and loved ones can rest assured that changing care needs will be managed and met without the upheaval and distress often associated with relocation to a hospital or hospice.

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