Doreen and John’s story

Doreen Power’s husband, John, came to Denham Manor on Christmas Eve 2015, following his discharge from hospital. John has Parkinson’s Disease with Lewy Bodies dementia as well as heart disease, and was assessed as requiring 24 hour nursing care. Like many people with dementia, John’s appetite was poor and his admission to hospital followed a spell of refusing food and water which had left him very weak.

As their home was unsuitable for 24 hour care, Doreen searched for a nursing home and was attracted to Denham Manor ‘because of its good first impression, homeliness, and the friendliness of the staff’. Her initial feelings have been reinforced since John arrived and she says she couldn’t ask for him to be looked after any better, adding that knowing this gives her great peace of mind.

Doreen visits John, a former Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police, each afternoon. Having previously cared for him for several years at home, she still likes to help him eat and takes him for a daily walk in the garden or local area, weather permitting.

The couple, who have been married for 54 years, go to the dining room for lunch and spend time in the lounge during the activities sessions. While John isn’t able to take part, Doreen stresses that it’s important for him to eat with other people and observe the activities as she knows it is what he would prefer.

Although anxious a first, John is now settled and calm. His weight has stabilised with the addition of home-made protein supplement drinks advised by the dietician, and he is now eating well. Doreen says she knows he is as happy as he can be and that she is always feels welcome at the home, with all the help and support she could wish for from the care team.

Doreen and John’s story is just one example of the dedicated care and support the team at Denham Manor provide every day. If you would like to learn more about the variety of care provision available at the Denham, please call our Home Manager on 0808 223 5423 or click here to send an email.