Dennis’s Story

When Dennis first came to Rectory House he had a prognosis of just two weeks to live and was very unwell indeed.

Bed bound and unable to eat or drink, Dennis needed help with all his basic needs. He was extremely weak, sleeping almost all day and barely able to speak. As a much loved father and grandfather, Dennis’ family were devastated that he was so ill. As soon as he arrived at Rectory House the nursing team immediately put in place a care plan to help improve his health. Together with Dennis and his family, nursing staff set achievable milestones so that he could steadily recover and take confidence from the progress he was making.

The nursing team took time to really get to know Dennis, building a rapport and always praising his achievements. As his health began to improve, staff supported and encouraged him to do as much for himself as possible.

When Dennis had first arrived at Rectory House, his family had resigned themselves to spending their first Christmas without him. As his health gradually improved plans were made to ensure that all the family could share the festive occasion together. The team at Rectory House invited Dennis’ family to enjoy a traditional roast at the home on Christmas Day, an event which was enjoyed by all.

Despite arriving at Rectory House with such a serious prognosis, fifteen months on Dennis continues to improve. Every day sees him up and smartly dressed, and he is able to eat and drink independently. Where before Dennis rarely spoke, he is now a lively participant in life at the home, laughing and joking with fellow residents and staff. One of Dennis’ favourite pastimes is singing along with the entertainers that Rectory House regularly welcomes.

Dennis’ story is just one example of the dedicated care and support the team at Rectory House provides every day. If you would like to learn more about the variety of care provision available at Rectory House, please call our Home Manager on 0808 223 5530 or visit our website at