Laverstock wins ‘War of the Works’ radio quiz

Laverstock nursing home in Salisbury has been competing this week in ‘War of the Works’ which is a general knowledge quiz on Spire FM, our local radio station.

Two teams go up against each other and each morning at 10.30am (Monday – Friday) we had 60 seconds to answer 10 general knowledge questions. The team with the highest score at the end of the week win free pizza and the chance to win the Annual Trophy.

We applied to enter the competition and were thrilled when we were chosen to compete. We asked our residents, relatives and team who would like to join our quiz team and we soon had lots of willing people ready and raring to go.

With a few butterflies and lots of general knowledge and trivia whirling in our heads, we started off the week with lots of enthusiasm. We got off to a great start with a score of 9/10 but Bluebird Care (the opposing team) soon caught up.

Towards the end of the week it was getting rather close with only one point between us, with us in 2nd place. Undeterred, on the last day our team brought their A game and we scored 8/10. Unfortunately the other team were not so lucky which meant we had beat them to the post with only a one point lead!

We were so excited that we were the winners and we are really looking forward to our prize, two large Pizzas from Dominos.

It was such fun being involved in this quiz; it created a brilliant atmosphere in the home with everyone getting involved and a little bit competitive as well.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff, residents and relatives who have been supporting and listening to us throughout the week.

Photo shows our team.
Helen Pessell – Home Manager, Ann Morton – Deputy Manager, Madelyn Carter – Chiropodist, Julie Briers – Administrator, Mary Candler – Laundry, Simone Voce – Receptionist, Mo Hardy – Laundry, Sue Prichard – Relative, Karen Paddington – SHCA, Hannah Langdon – Activities Coordinator, Sue Lancaster – HCA, Jed Morton – Ann’s son, Melissa Morton – Ann’s Daughter, John Whitle – Hospitality
We would also like to mention who are not in the photo:
Philip Squires – Relative, Gail Parker – HCA, Kayleigh Brannigan – HCA, Debbie Morgan – HCA

Laverstock Care Centre

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Karen Sawyer


London Road,

0808 223 5520
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