Residents Enjoy Sensory Experience at Hawkhill House

30th November 2023

Hawkhill House Nursing Home were recently treated to a delightful sensory experience, giving residents the chance to immerse themselves in a world of lights, music, and dance.

The event, facilitated by Fancy Sensy Dancy, was made possible through a wonderful collaboration with the Polish community in Aberdeen, reflecting our commitment to engaging and enriching activities for our residents.

The event transcended mere entertainment, serving as a testament to the strength and unity that arises from diverse communities joining forces. The collaboration with the Polish Senior Club not only brought joy and laughter but also highlighted the power of collective efforts in creating meaningful and memorable experiences.

Home Manager Mel Shearer was touched by the experience, "Witnessing our residents enjoying themselves in the sensory delights brought by Fancy Sensy Dancy is truly heartening.

"These experiences go beyond entertainment; they are a testament to the warmth and unity we foster within our community at Hawkhill House."

Benefits of Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation plays a pivotal role in the well-being of our residents, contributing to cognitive enhancement and elevating overall mood. The captivating lights, rhythmic tunes, and spirited dance movements didn't just create a festive atmosphere; they served as therapeutic elements, promoting the health of our cherished residents.

At Hawkhill House we are dedicated to fostering connections, both within our community and with external partners. The success of events like these reinforces our commitment to providing not just care but a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents.

Hawkhill House Nursing Home in Aberdeen

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