Hawkhill enjoy food tasting to stimulate the senses

Hawkhill Care Home in Milltimber, Aberdeen, yesterday held a food tasting event for residents and relatives.

The idea was for our residents to try different foods that are not usually on the menu at Hawkhill House, but also food that they may like to include in the weekly menus.

For residents who may be losing interest in food and participating in mealtimes – an activity that focuses on stimulating the senses can provide the key to encouraging them to eat or being able to enjoy food again. For some, an activity that encourages sharing of memories related to food may be a powerful and positive experience.

Food is also a great topic for conversation, either in groups or one-to-one. The smell of food – such as freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee – can evoke memories of the past and is a powerful way of stimulating appetites and conversation.

New menus included:

Spicy Chicken Bites

Ham and Russian Pasta

Bread and Jam Pudding

The food raised a lot of discussion and comments, the residents

MR commented, “The pasta is ok but I’m not over keen, the pudding I liked very much.”

JG said, “The chicken was a little greasy for my taste, the pasta is ok for tea time, and the pudding was very nice!”

MG said “The chicken was tasty but too dry, and the pudding was very nice.”

LE said “Very tasty, surprisingly nice and colourful, the pudding would be a very nice end to a cold day.”

SW commented “The chicken was good but needed a sauce, and the pudding was fine if you like hot bread and jam, I prefer cold sweets.”

SB said “The pasta was good, and the chicken was very good, I would like to have the pudding in the menu!”

MZ said “I love food tasting and am looking forward to the next time.”

PB said “I think the pudding needs a crispy, sugary, spicy topping.”

PZ commented “I think the chicken was good, but I do not like cold pasta.”

We will definitely be taking all comments on board for future menus and look forward to our next food tasting session!

Hawkhill House provides specialist nursing and dementia care in a purpose built environment for up to 43 elderly people.

If you would like to find out more about life at Hawkhill House and the care we offer, or to request a meeting with our Home Manager, please contact us on 0808 223 5322 or hawkhill@CaringHomes.org.

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