Curraghs Wildlife Park visit for Castle View

The residents at Castle View Nursing Home in Peel have been completing a ‘Bucket List’ with the activities team, Victoria, Jeff and Dominique, were able to determine the favourite places on the IOM that the residents wanted to visit. The top place to visit, which appeared on most of the residents ‘Bucket Lists’, was the Curraghs Wildlife Park. Therefore, last month (May), Castle View were able to make good use of the Park and visit it over three times.

The residents learned a lot about the different types of animals there are in different areas in the world, including the reasons behind why animals, such as the Silvery Gibbons and the Spider Monkeys are critically endangered animals and why Wildlife Parks, such as the Curraghs Wildlife Park needs to conserve these beautiful animals.
Each time Castle View visited the Park the weather was truly amazing, they were even able to sit out in the sun, over looking the lake eating their picnic (and also cake and ice-cream!!).

On one trip of the trips the residents were able to have a private talk with Liz (one of the managers) who presented a Boa Constrictor  for the residents to hold and to the learn about. The fun didn’t stop there, as we walked around the corner and one of our residents (Jean Dodd) was invited to be the first member of the pubic in a wheel chair to ride the miniature train around the Park. Jean was totally astonished by this news.

From visiting the Park; this means that Castle View activity team have nearly ticked off at least one trip on each residents bucket list, and therefore gave our residents a sense of happiness and to know that life does not stop here at Castle View, as we will do everything in our power to see our residents happy.

Castle View nursing home in Peel is a purpose-built home providing nursing and dementia care for up to 66 elderly residents.

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