Cedar House visit Whitlingham Park

This week the Cedar House, in Yelverton, took residents on a trip to Whitlingham County Park. The woodland and water park is a great place to walk, cycle, picnic and bird watch.

We went for a wander around the lake, keeping a look out for different birds and animals on the path, we saw plenty of dogs playing with their owners. On the lake we fed the ducks and looked at some of the boats and different sports which can all be done there.

As it was a little cold, rather than a picnic we decided to have a cup of tea in the coffee shop to warm up and enjoy the sites, it also gave us all a chance to talk about the wildlife.

The residents really enjoyed being in the fresh air on a lovely afternoon, “It was lovely to see some of the residents go out for the day and have a wonder” says Sue, Home Manager. “There was a great atmosphere when they returned, they all said they had a lovely time.”Maybe we will take another trip back on a sunny day with a picnic!