Globetrotting Extravaganza: “Orchard Airways” Takes Residents on Culinary Journey Around the World

23rd November 2023

In a unique and unforgettable event, residents departed from the familiar British shores to embark on a whirlwind tour across France, South Africa, Spain, and Italy, all without leaving the comfort of The Orchard Nursing Home. ‘Orchard Airways’, known for its exceptional service, hosted an extraordinary experience that combined culinary delights, and entertainment.

The journey began with a gastronomic adventure, mirroring the diverse cuisines of the visited countries. Starters were served with a French flair, offering residents a taste of the exquisite flavours of French cuisine. The main course took them to South Africa and Spain, treating their palates to a fusion of vibrant and aromatic dishes. The grand finale awaited in Italy, where a delectable dessert spread satisfied everyone's sweet tooth.

As the afternoon unfolded, residents enjoyed a bit of fun walking on a red carpet, adding a touch of glamour to the event. The ‘flight’ aboard Orchard Airways proved to be as enjoyable as the destinations. The attendees expressed their pleasure, especially during the flight to the bar – a unique feature that added a refreshing and social element to the experience.

The entertainment lineup featured Jez, a brilliant saxophonist, who serenaded the crowd with soulful melodies, creating a perfect ambience for the journey. Oliver, an amazing magician, wowed everyone with mind-bending tricks, leaving the audience in awe.

Organisers and attendees expressed gratitude for making the event a success. Residents and guests shared their enthusiasm for the event, expressing how it provided a welcome break from the routine and offered a unique way to bond.

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