Benson House Care Home Celebrate 100th Birthday

18th September 2023

On Monday 18th September, Benson House Care Home celebrated an incredible milestone as a very special resident's birthday was held. Margaret Loose reached the big 100 as residents and team members of the Home came together for a fun-filled party.

The day consisted of a visit from an old friend of Margaret’s, David Turner, who is South Oxford’s District Council Chairman, as well as an appearance from guest singer, Julie Hunt. Residents of Benson House were treated to afternoon tea and cake as they listened to the music on show.

A Life to Remember

Margaret's journey through life, which began in Hampshire in 1923, is a testament to resilience, adventure, and a love for the simple joys that have shaped her remarkable life.

At the age of two, Margaret's family moved to Stadhampton, where she grew up in a close-knit and loving family. Margaret fondly recalls her childhood, filled with carefree days of swimming in the river and cycling through the scenic Chilterns with her three older sisters.

Following her schooling, Margaret embarked on a secretarial course and ventured into the world of office work with The Pressed Steel Company in Oxford. However, the corporate life didn't quite align with her spirit, prompting her to make a bold decision in 1942.

In an act of both independence and adventure, Margaret joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS). She spent four years serving in the Army, initially stationed at Bovington, Dorset, where she was attached to the Tank Regiment, driving utility vehicles affectionately known as "Tillies." Her final year in service took her to Gottingen, Belgium. Margaret looks back on her Army days with fondness, cherishing the lifelong friendships she forged along the way.

After her years of service, Margaret returned to her family home and took up a job at Wallingford Auctioneers Franklin & Gale. To reach her workplace, she embarked on an 8-mile daily cycle before later transitioning to EJ Brooks & Sons in Oxford, where she found satisfaction in the meticulous task of balancing the books each day.

Wedding Bells

Margaret's journey took another beautiful turn when she married Bob, and the couple enjoyed nearly a decade of happiness together until his passing. Their love story remains a cherished chapter in Margaret's life.

As Margaret celebrates her 100th birthday, she attributes her longevity and zest for life to her unwavering commitment to staying active. Even at the age of 100, Margaret continues to relish daily walks around the garden, indulges in reading The Times each day, and engages in spirited games of Scrabble with her friend, Rosemary.

Benson House Care Home Near Wallingford

At Benson House Care Home, we are inspired by Margaret's remarkable journey and we are committed to celebrating the unique stories and experiences of each individual in our care. Margaret's centenary reminds us of the extraordinary lives that reside within our community, and we look forward to continuing to support and nurture our residents on their life journeys.

For more information about our luxury care home in Oxfordshire, please visit Benson House’s Care Home’s page. Here you can learn what a typical day-to-day life as a resident looks like, as well as explore some of the Home’s fantastic facilities and services. You can also find information on our other care homes, as well as similar articles and celebrations, by exploring our site. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to learn more!

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