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Oxford, Oxfordshire

Amanda Cordery

Care Home Manager

Wytham House care home with nursing in Farmoor, is a purpose built home set within 23 acres of beautiful gardens and parklands in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, providing the highest level of specialist residential dementia and nursing dementia care, for up to 40 elderly residents, including long-term care, trial stays, short-stay and convalescent care.

  • Call us free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0808 223 5402
  • We can assess your needs at home or in hospital
  • Rated ‘Good’ in all categories by CQC, read the full report here.
  • Specialist dementia care
  • Our unique, award winning dementia training is accredited by City and Guilds
  • Design principles based on Caring Homes 25 years of experience and latest research from leaders in Dementia research, Stirling University
  • 24-hour nurse call systems giving you peace of mind
  • Luxury bedroom interiors that can be personalised
  • Wheelchair-friendly home and accessible landscaped sensory gardens
  • Entertainment features including cinema, family room, Sky TV and free WIFI
  • Health and wellbeing team offering personalised activities

Helping residents to live well with Dementia

We are dedicated to providing dignified and respectful residential dementia and nursing dementia care. What matters most to us is the wellbeing of each of our residents, whatever their circumstances, whatever their needs.

Before each resident’s arrival we create a detailed individual care plan, in consultation with them, their family, and any appropriate health and social care professionals. This guides us in understanding likes, dislikes, needs and wants, helping residents to feel at home quickly. It includes a wealth of information from preferred waking times and food favourites to pastimes, interests and health issues, and is frequently updated to reflect any changes.

Making life meaningful

We believe it’s possible to live well with dementia, and by helping residents to continue to enjoy meaningful, tailored experiences, we can reduce the anxiety and frustration that their condition can cause.

All of our team members who deliver dementia care receive our unique dementia training ‘Living In My World’, which is accredited by City and Guilds. The training highlights the importance of meaningful activities and a stimulating environment for people living with dementia, as well as addressing clinical aspects of their care.

Caring Homes has also been commended for its commitment to training and has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Princess Royal Training’ Award.

Designed for living

Design interventions can have a positive impact and help people to live well with dementia. Our home is designed to be dementia-friendly. Caring Homes has been working with guidance from Stirling University for over 25 years to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Stirling University is an international centre of knowledge and experience including architects, designers and dementia specialists dedicated to improving lives and decrease everyday problems that come with dementia using a range of techniques based on continual research.

The immediate environment is critical to the health and wellbeing of someone living with dementia. With impaired memory and reduced cognitive ability, those with dementia need more visual cues to help to make sense of their environment and what’s happening around them.

Sometimes the loss of function of people with dementia is incorrectly blamed on dementia, when appropriate design is at the basis. This is where specialist knowledge from clinical experts and designers is required (Van Hoof 2005)

Our ethos is to create a care setting that promotes good health, based on research and should increase independency for the person living with dementia.

  • Keep design simple – make spaces free from unnecessary features
  • Make spaces appropriate to their function – our home should be homely
  • Make objectives easily understandable and recognisable, able to be used intuitively
  • Make design layouts logical in order to slow down or reduce the decisions about wayfinding
  • Make objectives and features clear and easy to see by the use of tonal contrast and good lighting
  • Reduce noise in the environment
  • Give people as much choice and control of their environment as possible

Throughout the home, we have memory aids to promote maximum independence and confidence and welcome you to tour our home and experience these for yourself.  Our dementia design features include strong lighting coupled with the use of colour and contrast for safety and perception, plus clear signage with icons to help residents find their way.

When you visit our home for the first time our team will share with you our building elements such as doors, windows, handrails, lifts, wallcovering, paint finishes, comfort under foot/flooring, safety cleaning, furniture, fixtures and fitting, sockets, communal rooms, dinning, crockery, kitchen areas and bedrooms including our acoustic monitoring.

Our clinical team can also demonstrate our electronic care planning system and talk about how we will work with our residents and families to understand them, their wishes and needs to ensure our care is individual and tailored to their needs.

Benefits of good design

Good design can have a positive impact on everyone living in with dementia but especially those with any visual impairments.  Specific benefits can include

  • Reduced confusion and agitation
  • Improved wayfinding
  • Better social interactions
  • Reduced risks of falling
  • Improved physical fitness – eating better, walking better and more interactions
  • Reduced incidence of depressions
  • Reduced reliance on pharmacy (medication)

Nutritional support

Dementia brings with it a range of challenges, including impaired hearing and sight as well as suppressed appetite. With poor hydration and nutrition linked to confusion, an increased risk of falls, and general health issues, it’s vital that each resident gets the nutrition and fluids they need.

We regularly review each resident’s hydration, nutrition and oral health and work closely with specialist dietetic and speech and language professionals to ensure each person receives the tailored care they need.

Meal times are always relaxed, with minimal distractions. Our team members chat to residents, encouraging them to eat more and providing any support they need. People with dementia often prefer to walk around than to sit, so we provide finger foods – as well as fortified foods and drinks – to ensure they get the right nutrition.

Food in My World’ also accredited by City and Guilds, develops colleagues across the hospitality team to stimulate senses and increase creativity in the cooking and presentation of food providing a much-improved dining experience for residents living with Dementia and or Dysphagia.

Supporting communities

We also support the local community and our teams often share their expertise, advice and support with local families and businesses to help reduce the stigma and myths surrounding dementia. This ranges from advocacy services and support groups, to activity clubs and respite days and our unique simulated dementia experience workshops.  Please ask us about our forthcoming events and activities.

Care Facilities

To promote optimum health in our residents, a personalised nutrition plan is created for each individual, with specific dietary needs taken into account.
Our trusted and well-liked visiting physiotherapist is available to treat and advise our residents.
Our local, assigned GP is able to visit our site to treat and advise any of our residents.
A visiting occupational therapist ensures each resident's particular needs are met in our facility.
The regular team of visiting nurses are able to provide guidance, support and treatment to our residents.
Our qualified dementia team are experts in the latest developments in dementia care, identifying each resident's personal needs and creating a dedicated care plan catered to them.
Trained dementia care staff are on hand to support our residents and ensure their time with us is spent safely and positively.
We use a friendly registered mental health nurse, who residents are familiar with and trust.
We are proud to hold Hospitality Assured Accreditation, which demonstrates our commitment to outstanding service and resident care.
Our excellence in performance and efficiency is recognised through our ISO 9001 Accreditation.
Our dedicated Internal Quality Assurance Team ensure our accreditations are maintained and these high standards are reflected across the facility.
Once we have reviewed the results of the pre-admission assessment, Individual Care Plans are carefully created and a detailed approach to every resident's care is formulised.
Our specialist group of activities co-ordinators make sure there are a range of mental, physical and social activities for our residents to participate in and enjoy.

Room Facilities

Residents can use en-suite facilities with added peace of mind with an emergency call point.
We provide step-free, non-slip showers, which are safe and convenient for our residents.
Private bathroom and shower facilities are offered to all residents, so they don't have the inconvenience of sharing, or waiting to use the washroom.
Our bathrooms are fitted with automatic lights, which are serviced on a regular basis.
To aid the flow of traffic in our home and make moving from space to space easier, free swing doors have been fitted along corridors.
Indoor light is measured carefully to provide maximum benefit for residents. Natural daylight maintains a healthy circadian rhythm, increases production of Vitamin D and reduces symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Secluded patios provide a private space for residents to enjoy the gardens.
Lowered cill heights mean seated residents have an unobstructed view of our outside spaces.
Residents and guests can enjoy peace of mind in the sanctuary of our secure patio area.
Residents are able to enjoy all their favourite television shows and films, thanks to our modern television sets.
Clean, well-maintained furniture can be provided for residents to enjoy their own fully-furnished bedroom without the hassle of sourcing and moving in appropriate furniture.
Residents are welcome to bring their own furniture to personalise their space and create their own homely environment.
Our facility walls are colour contrasted to ease residents' navigation around the centre.
Our wall switches contrast to the wall colour, so they can be located quickly and easily.
Residents can take advantage of the flexibility of free WIFI in their bedrooms, for added privacy and convenience.
Special sensors indicate when doors are opened or when movement is detected in the room. These alarms help reduce risk to vulnerable residents.
Residents can relax and sleep easy, knowing their rooms are fitted with reliable, professionally-fitted locks. These recommended locks are safe and appropriate for our residents.
Bright walls and high contrast carpets are used throughout our facility to help residents find their way around the building.

Indoor Facilities

Our simple to use nurse call system allows residents access to a qualified nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our friendly receptionist is on hand to answer any queries throughout the working week.
Residents and visitors can grab a bite to eat and enjoy a coffee in our relaxing on site café.
We offer full use of our modern hair salon, staffed by qualified stylists, to all residents.
Residents are can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, as well as browse the internet, thanks to our reliable broadband, offered at no extra cost.
Residents can enjoy the cinema experience in the comfort of our bespoke cinema room, designed specifically with the needs of our residents in mind.
An engaging activity room, where residents can take part in group activities or enjoy a game of cards or dominoes, is available for use.
Every bathroom has been designed to make it easier to use for our residents' specific needs.
A modern, spacious and regularly serviced lift is available for use to all residents and visitors.
Friendly, fully qualified nurses are on-hand throughout the day and night to assist with our residents' needs.
A room where all our residents can keep up to date with their favourite soaps and take pleasure in watching shows and films with their friends.
Residents can relax with a book and a cool drink on our outdoor terrace, complete with comfortable furniture.
Light, airy and temperature controlled dining rooms make the perfect environment for our residents to enjoy their meals.
Residents have the option of eating meals in their own room, thanks to our popular and reliable room service.
Having the option of making your own cup of tea in a self serve kitchenette is a simple, but important choice we are proud to offer our residents.
Our popular themed food events are a great talking point amongst our residents and add a touch of fun and variety to mealtimes.
A packed schedule of games, activities and trips means there is a social event to suit every resident's taste.
Residents are able to take pleasure in a range of entertainment options, including singers and dance troupes, from the various types of visiting entertainment.
We offer a wide range of external trips, to the seaside, shopping centres, National Trust sites and other local areas of interest.
We help residents create memory boxes, filled with items such as photographs or tickets, to help stimulate happy memories from the past.
Reliable, modern and quiet air conditioning units are positioned around our facility to create a comfortable environment, whatever the weather outside.
Professionally created dementia orientation signage has been positioned around our facility to assist residents' navigational requirements.
Gently sloped floors and wide access routes make our centre wholly wheelchair accessible.
Safe, modern hoists are used by our trained staff to make activities such as getting into bed easy and comfortable for residents.
Our experienced and trained head chef creates a huge choice of meals to suit every palate.
Residents are able to worship and practise their own religion in our facility, with the support of our visiting multi-faith clergy.
State of the art computer facilities and tablets are available for use by our residents. We also offer support to those residents needing guidance with these devices.
An independent care fee planning advisory service is available to all residents, providing unbiased information and guidance.
A range of daily newspapers are offered to our residents, so they can keep up to date with local and international news.

Outdoor Facilities

We offer a safe place for friends and family to park their car whilst visiting loved ones.
Our relaxing green spaces mean there is always somewhere to go for residents looking for peace or wanting some light exercise.
Residents are encouraged to explore our state of the art sensory garden, where they can experience the calming influence of the flowers and greenery.
Our beautifully designed landscaped garden houses a range of plants, trees and shrubs, providing scenic surroundings for all our residents.
Friends and family arriving by bus can enjoy the complete convenience of a bus stop on our doorstep.
Our new build development provides all the mod cons you would expect from a modern complex, including secure accessibility and comfortably heated rooms.
Our countryside location means we offer a natural, healthy space for our residents to unwind and relax in.
Residents can enjoy the tranquillity and peace of our extensive gardens, which are fully secure and regularly risk assessed.
Friends and family are able to visit loved ones at any time they choose. We offer 100% visiting time flexibility.

Manager's Profile

As the Home Manager at Wytham House Care Home, I lead a professional team in providing the highest standards of residential dementia and nursing dementia care for up to 40 elderly residents.

I began my care career working in home care and supported living roles, supporting adults with disabilities and the elderly. I have always been very passionate about elderly care so to further developed myself by studying Adult Nursing at Oxford Brookes University.

Following my studies, I was a Ward Nurse at Witney Community Hospital, a District Nurse, and a Tissue Viability Link Nurse. During this time, I gained my mentorship qualification and taught wound care and pressure prevention within the local community.

I continued to develop my career as a Deputy Manager in a Dementia Care Home. Then, in 2018 I joined Caring Homes as the Deputy Manager and Clinical Lead of Wytham House, before progressing to the role of Care Home Manager.

At Wytham House the residents we care for each have a personal history filled with professions and hobbies. They have lived independently as highly respected individuals and it’s important that when they make Wytham House their home we continue to treat them with the dignity, respect, compassion and care they deserve.

We are the only care home in the area with our own unique ‘Living in My World’ dementia training, which is accredited by City and Guilds.

Amanda Cordery

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