Sundridge Courts Namaste programme

Three of the care team at Sundridge Court in Bromley, attended this study programme at St Christopher’s Hospice. It is about using soft toys, music , lights, smells, massage, touch, colours, sounds and anything that stimulates memories.

In the later stages of dementia people generally become immobile, wholly dependent for their personal care, and unable to communicate effectively or participate in meaningful activities.  At this stage people often become isolated and marginalised, and their psychological well-being is  threatened by mental and physical frailty.

The Namaste Care programme was developed by Professor Joyce Simard in the USA in 2003. ‘Namaste’ is the Indian greeting meaning ‘to honour the spirit within’.  The care programme was developed to meet the needs of people with advanced dementia for human contact, sensory stimulation and meaningful activity.  Namaste Care seeks to engage people with advanced dementia through sensory input, comfort and pleasure.  Namaste combines compassionate nursing care with music, therapeutic touch, colour, food treats and scents.  Families are supported to acknowledge the progression of  dementia in the positive context of seeking to provide quality of life.

St Christopher’s Hospice and the South London and Maudsley Foundation Hospital Trust have completed an action research study to implement the Namaste Care programme in local South London Nursing Care Homes looking after people with dementia.  The study found that the Namaste Care programme reduced the frequency and severity of behavioural symptoms in people with advanced dementia.  Namaste was welcomed by care staff, family and friends, and supported dignified and compassionate care for people with advanced dementia in care homes.

At Sundridge Court we believe it is important to understand the world our residents are living in and trying to do everything possible to make that world comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

“One of the ladies at Sundridge Court who is living with dementia saw one of the care team walking by with a the baby doll and has now adopted it and is caring for it, she has even called it Matilda. Namaste is all about making a difference to someone’s life in a safe and comforting way.” says Carol Marsh Home Manager at Sundridge Court.

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