Say "Hello Spring" with these tips from our care home residents

25th April 2022

Riverside Place Care Home Tips

The pupils at St Catherine's School sent Riverside Place their advice on staying healthy. The home was inundated with great advice and all of these will be displayed around the home.
The residents and team tip for staying healthy is to eat a balanced diet including a range of fruit and vegetables.
Anne a resident at the home likes her fresh fruit each day.

Benson House Care Home Tips

Benson House Care Home Chair Exercises

Our weekly Seated Exercise Classes are loved by our residents as it gets their joints moving, uplifts their spirits with 'feel good' music, hand/eye co-ordination exercises with balls and there's lots of laughter. We 'row' along the river to Henley or Oxford and clap along to Ed Sheeran. It is also inclusive for our residents in wheelchairs or with limited movement and relatives can join in with this physical activity too!

Sunday morning Bible Study Groups are well attended and important to many residents who miss going to Church every week. We play hymns and have started our own Benson House Hymn 'Book' so we can have a sing-a-long. There is a different theme each week.

Ivy Court Tips

Resident Barbara said that “I do enjoy gardening and getting stuck in with the soil, It’s just a bit of dirt, it wont hurt!”
Daphne, Maureen, Robert and Colin believe a trick to staying Healthy is to keep a balanced and healthy diet, especially incorporating fresh fruit into your day. Daphne said “Cooking in the kitchen gives us all that warm feeling of looking after others and ourselves”
Exercise and fresh air is a fantastic way to help keep actively fit and clears the mind and keeps you in good health. Edith said “I love being in the fresh air! I have always enjoyed going for lovely walks”
Having a hobby and looking after the planet - A combination of fundamental ways in which to keep us and the beautiful planet we live on healthy. Ann said “I never would of thought to do something so pretty with an old plastic bottle!”
Most of our residents will agree that having a pet has helped them throughout the years to stay healthy. Not only does having a pet give them a loving companion to look after but taking them for walks gets people out of the house and increases social activity when chatting to other friendly dog walkers out on walks!
Taking time to have some fun, whether this be a challenging puzzle for one or a game of scrabble between friends, playing games is a great way to have a laugh and bring people together. Resident, Daphne said “Life can get very busy at times and we must all remember to enjoy life and have fun together!”

Belmont House Nursing Home Tips

We asked residents at Belmont House for their secrets to a healthy and happy life.

Sandra, a resident at Belmont House, said “the key to a long life is to be active and eat fruit! I eat fruit salads here every day and it helps me keep healthy”. Another resident, Pat, added “the key is to surround yourself with people and have a laugh every day.” Sandra added “yes, we always have a laugh here, and that’s the best thing about being at Belmont House, the company and having everything prepared for you… I even have breakfast in bed some days as a treat!”

Our dedicated team at Belmont House put together weekly activity schedules and menus to help promote the health and wellbeing of our residents. There is fresh fruit available in our bistro, we have a salad bar at lunch time, and we offer colourful veggies with meals. Our activity schedules feature armchair exercises, walks around the garden, knit and natter club and dancing in the lounge. We understand the importance of living a happy and healthy life for our residents.

The Orchard

The residents at The Orchard agree a healthy, balanced diet is key to staying healthy in Spring and year round. Margaret was the first to share her recipe for cheese scones and the residents enjoyed baking them together - another great way to stay active in the kitchen, using the skills needed to help promote wellness.

The Orchard have started a ‘Recipes for life’ book, where every 2 weeks resident’s favourites recipes are featured on our menu for the home. If they're cakes/cookies, they will be displayed in the bistro in reception, for the residents and visitors to enjoy during Spring.

There are plenty of health tips there so we hope you find some of them useful. You can join the conversation on Facebook, or find a care home here.

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