Hawkhill House Residents Visit Incredible Art Exhibition

16th October 2023

Delighted residents at Hawkhill Nursing Home were recently treated to a visit to an exclusive art exhibition. The exhibition featured the remarkable works of Ella Neustein, an artist who has been painting for much of her life. The gallery event welcomed residents, families, and staff to indulge in a day of artistic inspiration.

Ella Neustein's exhibition showcased a diverse array of artwork, leaving both residents and visitors in awe of her talents. The gallery was adorned with vibrant paintings and intricate batik creations, reflecting Elle's unique artistic expression.

The atmosphere was enriched by the presence of residents' family members which created a sense of familial joy and togetherness. Team members of Hawkhill House thoughtfully provided refreshments, ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for everyone present.

Who is Ella Neustein?

Ella trained at the School of Art, London before graduating in 1954. Her paintings frequently feature still-lifes, skillfully merging patterns and colors with a collection of flowers, fabrics, and pottery acquired over the years and from various journeys. In contrast, her batik creations predominantly embrace figurative elements, reflecting a profound passion for Greek culture and its people.

A Memory to Cherish

Residents, thrilled by the immersive experience, were gifted postcards featuring Ella's stunning works. The highlight of the evening was the opportunity for residents to personally meet Elle, share in her journey, and even have their postcards signed—an intimate connection that left a lasting impression.

Margaret, expressing her gratitude, remarked, "I just feel so privileged to come here. The paintings are wonderful."

Fay admired a batik piece, exclaiming, "I wish I had the money to buy it. It's outstanding."

Erika shared, "Well, she's a very talented person. It's been a marvelous experience," while Isobel summed up the sentiment, saying, "I'm glad I came. It's been very enjoyable."

The art exhibition not only showcased the artistic prowess of Ella Neustein but also the commitment to fostering enriching experiences that resonate with the passions and interests of Hawkhill House's residents.

If you'd like to view any of Ella Neustein's available paintings, please visit the Open Eye Gallery.

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