Golden eggs at Rendlesham

The residents at Rendlesham Care Centre in Ipswich this week enjoyed a good old panto, ‘Now you see it, now you don’t’, afternoon with a production of Mother Goose.

The residents were joined by relatives for the performance. The two young ladies run a travelling pantomime and have been coming to Rendlesham for three years, putting a pantomime on between them. The residents think they are amazing, with all the dress changes that take place and the lines that they have to learn, some said ‘They work so hard!’ As always they had the residents in fits of laughter, and it is something that they are still talking about now.

The story of Mother Goose is possibly the oldest story to be turned into a pantomime. It dates back to an ancient Greek legend about a goose that laid golden eggs. It is also one of the earliest pantomimes seen in Great Britain, nearly two hundred years ago. The Pantomime is about Mother Goose herself, not the Goose, who is usually called “Priscilla”.

The pantomime of “Mother Goose” is 103 years old! It was at Drury Lane Theatre London in 1902 that the writer J.Hickory Wood created a new pantomime especially for the leading comedian of the day Dan Leno. When the pantomime was finished it told the story that we know today, and created the biggest part for a Dame in any pantomime. Dan Leno created a poor woman who befriends a magical goose that provides her with Golden Eggs. She is rich, but there is something she wants more than money, she wants to be young and beautiful.

The pantomime has a strong moral about beauty & wealth, and how it cannot bring you happiness.

The story tells of how Mother Goose is about to be thrown off her land because she cannot pay the Squire and his Bailiffs the rent. Along comes Priscilla the goose. Mother Goose loves her as a friend and doesn’t know the good fairy has sent her to help Mother Goose. Priscilla lays golden eggs so Mother Goose becomes rich. Tthe Demon King (sometimes called “Demon Discord”) then comes along and bets the fairy that there is no-one on earth who is happy with what they have got, no one is content, they always want more. The fairy disagrees, and uses Mother Goose as an example of goodness.

The Demon King tempts Mother Goose with the one thing she doesn’t have, youth and beauty. He persuades her to give him Priscilla in exchange for a visit to the “Pool of Beauty”. She gives him Priscilla, and enters the pool, emerging as (she thinks) a beautiful woman. Her friends don’t like her and turn on her, they want the old Mother Goose back. Too late she realises that beauty is NOT everything, and that she must get Priscilla back. After a lot of trouble, she gets her back, and all ends happily ever after.

We look forward to inviting the girls back again next year!

Merry Christmas

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